Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) video showed the instance when a trooper put her life on the line Sunday to shield a massive group of runners from an alleged DUI driver.

According to officials, Kristen Kay Watts crashed into Master Trooper Toni Schuck’s SUV when she ignored roadblocks set up for the Skyway 10K event, Fox 13 reported.

Dashcam footage showed the moment the car approached and slammed head-on into Schuck’s SUV, causing a loud boom. Sirens were heard in the background immediately after the crash:

The Fox 13 report continued:

Investigators said Watts was driving in a BMW while intoxicated and was arrested on suspicion of DUI. They said she was speeding on Interstate 275 while the race was underway around 8:45 a.m. Sunday. Troopers said she sped toward the road closure at U.S. Highway 41, but ignored the detour set up to direct drivers away from the race.

Two troopers maneuvered their patrol vehicles on both northbound lanes to prevent Watts from getting any closer to the runners. That’s when she and the trooper collided head-on.

“The bottom line is these troopers saved dozens upon dozens of lives and saved even more people from serious bodily harm injury,” explained Trooper Ken Watson.

Following the incident, Schuck noted that after 26 years on the job, she had never been in a situation where she had to put herself in harm’s way to save another person.

“And every day since this happened, I’ve thought about it. You know, you go through the what if’s but I was the last officer. I knew that. I knew it was me. So, if it wasn’t me to get her to stop, then who? I don’t know,” Schuck added:

The trooper and Watts were later transported to the hospital to be treated for serious injuries.

Watts was booked into jail on a $52,000 bond and is now facing charges such as DUI-serious injury, two counts of DUI-property damage, and two counts of reckless driving regarding injury and property damage.

Meanwhile, Schuck is recovering after suffering from a head wound and concussion.

“For this trooper to risk her life to make sure that others will be okay is the epitome of what service is all about,” noted Trooper Watson.

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