Police said a group of thieves carried out a smash-and-grab robbery at a Beverly Hills jewelry store Tuesday afternoon, snatching what the store owners say was between three to five million dollars worth of merchandise, KABC reports.

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Police stated about five assailants carried out the robbery at Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills, located at the intersection of Charlieville Boulevard and South Beverly Hills Drive just before 2:00 p.m., per the outlet. The suspects, all believed to be men based on preliminary investigation efforts, looked to be carrying sledgehammers and broke the store’s front window before snatching items on display and fleeing the scene, according to authorities.

Shocking video of the incident, captured by bystanders, shows the assailants reaching through the broken front window, grabbing goods, and fleeing, KNBC reports.

Police said the suspects used a stolen car to get to the scene but ditched it after their robbery, per KABC. “Police said the getaway vehicle was a white Audi,” KTLA noted. Some of the suspects donned hoodies, sweats, and “surgical style masks,” per police. They said these factors would make it all the more difficult to find the suspects, according to KNBC.

The store owners told KABC that the group made off with between $3,000,000 – $5,000,000 worth of merchandise, including a necklace valued at $500,000.

Wesley Aframian, from the jewelry store next to Luxury Jewels of Beverly Hills, heard the disturbance taking place and rushed out of the store in an attempt to stop the individuals, KABC reported.

Aframian told the outlet:

I look outside, I see, there are five guys with sledgehammers, axes, hammers, they’re banging on the window. And you know, we’re a jewelry store, they’re a jewelry store. We’re good friends with them. They’re very good people. I just reacted and tried to stop them.

I have one a nice kick, he lost his balance, he was falling over, and he started running. I pushed him on the street. He dropped a couple of the watches I was able to recover.

All of the assailants made it past Aframian.

Beverly Hills Police Department Chief Mark Stainbrook released a statement on the incident, noting that he “is willing to discuss with any person or group the reality of the current regional crime situation.”

The statement said that the department is immediately “adding a camera trailer, extra security patrols, and extra special watch from officers to South Beverly Dr,” while simultaneously working to hire new officers and implement the latest technologies to enhance city safety.

“The City and Department also need the help of the District Attorney’s Office and our State Legislators,” the statement continued. 

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