As Russia and Ukraine try to pound each other into submission, the Biden administration is on tight watch.

Although the casualties mount and the devastation widens, it is supportive of the conflict between the bordering nations – even gleeful, perhaps wishing the fighting would go on a little longer.

It’s simply because the Russian invasion has taken the heat off the federal government for its faults and failures. The perfect scapegoat, according to InforWars host Owen Shroyer.

Sure, oil prices soar, inflation skies, supply chain snaps and the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) persists, but now the accusing figures aren’t pointed at President Joe Biden and his inept government. Direct the blame on Vladimir Putin and Russia, instead. They are the bad guys.

“For all the devastation that we’re seeing here in America, with the economy, the inflation, the Consumer Price Index, gas prices, energy prices, etc., perfect scapegoat. Blame Putin, blame Russia. Wipe our hands off the situation we caused,” Shroyer said. 

Shroyer showed a video clip of a man pointing at the gas prices and ranting about it. “Look at the price of gas now. It’s $7.55 a gallon. Hey, Putin, we’re sending you a bill,” the man said.

According to Shroyer, it’s a perfect example of how the leftist brainwashed minions sound today. Their argument is illogical.

“What about the Chinese bio lab that released COVID onto the world? And [Tony] Fauci, his involvement and [Barrack] Obama’s involvement? Are we gonna send them the bill for all the COVID nonsense? No, of course not,” argued Shroyer. “Because you liberals just do whatever you’re told, you brainwashed fools.

“Like that individual. Oh, $7 a gallon. Oh, Putin. Oh, Biden is loving that. Let me tell you, the Biden administration loves you, sir. They love idiots like you because you fall for anything. And Biden can get away with destroying this country’s economy and destroying the middle class. And you’re gonna blame Putin, like a freak, brainwashed zombie.”

Inflation will get worse

Shroyer warned the economy won’t make a quick turnaround.

“And so the inflation will get worse, the consumer price index will go up, the middle class will shrink, the lower class will suffer. And all of these libtards will blame Putin because they don’t have a clue how the world works or what’s really going on. You’re going to see $10 gasoline. And you’re going to see everyone blame Putin.”

“But why is the U.S. so interested and invested in the situational outcome in Ukraine?”

Shroyer replied to his query.

“Because that’s where all the major criminals in the West, in the U.S., have been laundering money. Political information, bribing, blackmailing – it’s all been in Ukraine. It’s just that the U.S. and its corrupt allies are protecting their criminal operations in Ukraine, while also writing the situation out as the perfect scapegoat, as the Biden administration destroys the U.S. economy.”

Inflation hit 7.9 percent in February, the highest since  January 1982, and economist Mohamed El-Erian predicted it could reach above 10 percent if the Russia-Ukraine conflict isn’t resolved soon.

Even if the U.S. involvement is impacting the economy, however, a recent poll indicated nearly half (47 percent) of Americans approved of Biden’s handling of the Russian invasion that began on Feb. 24. A smaller 39 percent disapproved while 13 percent replied they aren’t sure.

The truth is, 42 percent want the U.S. to provide more support to Ukraine with 35 percent insisting on it regardless of a possible nuclear war with Russia. The public show of support has emboldened Biden to give $800 million more in military aid to Ukraine for a total of $2 billion and call Putin a “war criminal.”

Clearly, Biden has found the perfect scapegoat to cover up his government’s inefficiency.

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