Britain is accusing the Russian state of being behind hoax calls to two government ministers by an imposter posing as the prime minister of Ukraine.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the hoaxer was able to speak to him on a video call Thursday. Home Secretary Priti Patel said she had received a similar call, and Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said an unsuccessful attempt was made to speak to her.

Wallace said he became suspicious and hung up after the caller “posed several misleading questions.” He accused Russia of “dirty tricks.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman, Max Blain, said Monday that “the Russian state was responsible for the hoax calls made to government ministers last week.”

British officials are concerned that Russia might release doctored clips from the calls as part of a disinformation campaign and to embarrass Britain.

Blain warned that “it won’t be the last attempt,” and accused Russia’s President Vladimir Putin of staging distractions “to hide the scale of the conflict and Russia’s failings on the battlefield.”

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