The womens’ advocacy groups that emerged to defend womens’ sports from “transgender” men are moving into politics, as multiple polls show the public is increasingly rejecting transgenderism.

“At Save Women’s Sports, we’re rallying our team to make a direct impact with our voices in the polls,” said founder Beth Stelzer:

We need to let these [politicians] — basically the Democrats who are erasing women — know that women say no, that we’re not going to stand for it. We need to start making our voices heard at the polls. We fully encourage everyone to speak to their local representatives about all of the aspects of the erasure of women, just not not just in sports.

“There have to be some edits to the Equality Act, or to Title IX,  that will preserve protect sex segregation and sport based on science and biology,” said Nancy Nancy Hogshead-Makar, an athlete, lawyer, and a Democrat who helps to run the Women’s Sports Policy Working Group.

But she declined to say if her wide-ranging group would take the next step of endorsing or criticizing political candidates. She said:

[Male swimmer] Lia Thomas was a turning point for people to hear from their constituents that they didn’t hear before. People recognize what’s at stake with Title IX [laws on womens’ sports]. This is the 50th anniversary of Title IX, and there are some rights that need to stay sex-based — meaning biology-based — not gender-identity based.

The two groups may be politically influential – especially because the Democrats need every vote they can get in the increasingly polarized 2022 election. Stelzer’s group has forged alliances with many groups on both sides of the political divide. Hogshead-Makar’s group has won large-scale support from the U.S. swimming sector.

In many prior debates, voter rebukes have been used by party leaders to squash unpopular and damaging demands by party activists.

The GOP, for example, regained power in 2016 by quietly burying opposition to Obamacare from wealthy business interests. GOP voters have also killed the GOP’s business-first support for free trade and labor migration since 2016.

Similarly, the Democratic leaders boosted their votes from swing districts by suppressing demands by urban party activists for gun control after their presidential candidate, Al Gore, lost his home state in 2000.

This year, Democrats have abandoned progressive demands for defunding police forces and anti-epidemic masks. Also, New York’s Democratic leaders are reversing their prior support for unpopular laws that allow the easy release of suspected criminals before trials.

But despite the political danger signs in 2022, Democratic leaders have not yet challenged the progressives’ growing hostility to single-sex sports.

Many progressives have cheered as activists claimed sports is about personal liberation, not fairness: portrayed opposition to cross-sex athletes as akin to racism, insisted that young children be trained in transgender claims, declared their inability to define women, and organized high-pressure re-education campaigns on teachers to embrace the ideology.

Surveys and polls show that the activists’ fervent support for transgenderism is fueling public support for a clear, biology-based definition of women. For example, Democrats have enjoyed a multi-decade trust advantage on education issues. But a March 23 poll showed that “Forty-three percent (43%) of voters trust Republicans more to deal with education issues while 36% trust Democrats more.” The poll of 1,000 likely voters was conducted on March 17-20 by Rasmussen Reports.

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