#1. Joe Concha tweeted a hilarious video showing Senator Chuck Schumer jumping from his seat to clap for Joe Biden during his SOTU speech on Tuesday night. There was only one problem—the Dem senator immediately sat back down when he looked around and realized he had missed his cue, and it wasn’t time to stand yet.

The Democrats spent so much time jumping up to clap for the most unpopular “president” in modern history that, amazingly, none of the geriatric, lifetime politicians were wheeled away on a stretcher.

“Luana” tweeted: “When it’s all staged, and you missed rehearsal…”

#2. The clown show didn’t stop there. Speaker Pelosi, the most powerful Democrat in Congress, made quite the scene as well. She wasn’t tearing up speeches this time, but she was doing something very bizarre with her hands.

It’s even more disturbing when you put Nancy Pelosi’s frightening behavior into context. As Joe Biden began talking about veterans who were stationed in Afghanistan bases and “were exposed to toxic smoke from burn pits,” Nancy stood up behind him with a huge smile on her face and began rubbing her hands together, and looked at Joe as though she’s trying to seduce him from behind.

#3. And then there was the incredible moment when Joe Biden attempted to make a powerful statement about the resolve of the Ukrainian people, but instead, he referred to them as the “Iranian people.” Kamala Harris, who is used to Joe’s gaffes, appears to be mouthing “Ukrainian” only moments after Joe misidentifies them.

#4. And in this clip, Biden explains how US forces will not go to Europe to fight Ukraine. What?

#5. And for no particular reason, at the end of his speech, Joe shouted, “Thank you…Go get ’em!”  Go get who?

Donald Trump Jr. nailed mumbling Joe Biden’s speech with this tweet:

We are living in bizarro times. Ever since the elections shut down in key states across America and Joe suddenly stole the lead from Trump, weird things have been happening.

November 2022 can’t get here soon enough…

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