It’s happening more quickly than I had predicted. Although I’ve been openly predicting a global uprising due to skyrocketing food and fuel inflation — which is really just a representation of the collapsing value of fiat currencies — I was surprised to see how rapidly the revolt is exploding.

Taxi and trucker blockades have begun in France as transportation workers are protesting rising fuel prices. Protests have also spread to Spain and Albania, as Strange Sounds reports:

Thousands of farmers and hunters marched through Madrid on Sunday in a mass demonstration dubbed “20M Rural,” protesting against the government’s inability to curb rising prices amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The agricultural workers, waiving Spanish flags and whistling, marched through the streets accompanied by tractors blowing their horns. The demonstrators were protesting against rising prices on fuel, energy and food, and called on the government to help the sector, to stop speculation, and adopt new laws to regulate supply chains.

In Canada, 3,000 Pacific Canada rail workers have gone on strike, causing fertilizer shipments to grind to a halt, reports Zero Hedge:

The North American agricultural sector could be in for a major shock if Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd’s (CP Rail) work stoppage is not resolved in a timely manner because it could spark a shortage of fertilizer and other shipments critical for the spring growing season…

CP Rail is the leading carrier of potash, a potassium-rich salt mined from underground deposits formed from evaporated sea beds millions of years ago, used to support crop development. In prior investor documents, the rail company said it hauls 70% of the potash produced in North America, all from mines in Canada. The railroad also carries fertilizers, including phosphate, urea, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, and anhydrous ammonia.

Note that this fertilizer transportation collapse will also impact American farmers:

A disruption of fertilizer shipments could significantly impact US farmers on the cusp of planting season. The work stoppage may exacerbate existing supply chain bottlenecks in North America stemming from COVID. The agricultural sector can’t afford any more disruptions as Western economic sanctions on Russia and Belarus, two major fertilizer producers, have unleashed higher prices globally and shortage fears.

That’s going to strongly contribute to food scarcity in the second half of 2022, all throughout North America.

Communist China, seeing the global food collapse accelerating, has ordered peasants to clear-cut forests and start planting grains. As reported by The Epoch Times:

A video circulated on China’s social media showed that local authorities in Weifang, Shandong Province, ordered peasants to “remove trees” to make the land available for grain production. This comes as many in China fear food shortages will soon become a serious problem.

In the video, a peasant, who recorded it as a selfie, said, “We just received a notice that we are required to cut down these trees and grow grains instead, even if financially it ends up being a loss. Commodity prices are so high nowadays—fertilizers, pesticides, and prices are ridiculously high.”

This is happening because China sees the global food collapse accelerating. Even though China has already bought up and stored 18 months of wheat supplies to feed the Chinese people, they are still ordering people to plant grains in anticipation of global famine.

The FAMINE cycle: Print money, pay people to not work, and watch everybody starve to death

Remember when we were told that central banks could keep printing money and “kick the can down the road?” We have reached the end of that road.

What’s happening now is that 50+ years of endless money printing and debt creation are reaching a supercritical moment of spontaneous collapse. All fiat currencies are losing value by the day, everywhere around the world, following central banks running multi-trillion dollar money printing sprees during the covid plandemic. With all the bailout money flooding the world, the sharp devaluation of fiat currencies is causing the prices of goods and services to be expressed in larger and larger numbers. Everything is getting more expensive, and despite the best efforts of criminal cartel governments to lie to their own people, nobody can hide the fact that food and fuel are becoming insanely expensive.

On top of the mad money printing, we now have a devastating supply chain collapse of food commodities, natural gas and fertilizer due to the US and NATO pushing Russia into a new world war. The West fired the first weapon of mass destruction by disconnecting Russia’s banks from the SWIFT financial system while looting all of Russia’s currency reserves held by the central banks of other nations.

In other words, America is doing to Russia what the USA also did to Japan in World War II: Economic blockade, followed by an “allowed” attack (Pearl Harbor, which was allowed to take place), then followed by an aggressive media push for an emotional recruitment of the masses to push America into a world war. Biden is following in the footsteps of Roosevelt, in other words, except that Biden wasn’t legitimately elected into office in the first place.

To “solve” the problem with inflation, the governments of the world are going to print more money and hand it out to more people in a desperate effort to “buy” peace by paying off would-be rioters. This effort will only succeed for a short while because the money printing and handouts will only serve to accelerate inflation, of course, leading to even higher prices and more anger among the people.

Mathematically speaking, the money printing can never keep up with the inflation caused by money printing for the simple reason that you can’t create enough new debt to pay off the old debt when the existing debt is compounding by the day. By the time the new bailout money reaches families at a level of around $250 / month, those families will be paying $1,000 / month more in food and fuel. When governments try to increase the bailouts to something like $1,000 / month, they will be chasing the increased burden of families having to spend $4,000 / month extra in food and fuel costs, etc. (The actual numbers will be much smaller on developing countries, but the principle is the same.)

You can’t bail yourself out of an inflationary crisis by printing more money. You and I know that, but idiotic, delusional left-wing economists and bureaucrats don’t understand reality, and they believe they can live in a Magical Money Theory (MMT) bubble where they pretend debt doesn’t matter.

Their worlds are in the process of being shattered right now. The next 2-3 years will see worldwide food riots followed by food rationing, price controls and authoritarian governments seizing control over food, farms and grocery retailers. They will use this engineered crisis to expand their authoritarian control over everyone, even as the very root of this problem begins with governments being too large and powerful in the first place.

Now you understand why I’ve been aggressively urging everybody to learn how to grow food. If you don’t grow food or have a huge amount of physical gold and silver to barter for food, you may very well starve to death.

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