Ben Armstrong knows exactly why American globalists are showing so much interest in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“Ukraine has been a corrupt country. And Russia was a corrupt country. But the reason why the globalists in America especially care so much about Ukraine is it was their money laundering country,” he said during the March 11 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show.”

According to Armstrong, the corruption of both Ukraine and Russia serves as motives of the globalists pushing for World War III.

“Ukraine was known for money laundering all around the world, folks. But understand that our government officials would love to get the money out of Ukraine. They love to make deals with the corrupt Ukrainian government so that they themselves and their family members can get rich. We know this for sure,” Armstrong said.

He pointed out that President Joe Biden and his family laundered their money in China, but the Clintons, who are the most notorious for doing these types of things, put their money in Ukraine.

“So it’s their piggy bank, as I’ve always told you, they are looking at it. This is where we get millions of dollars for our own families. This is why they care so much about it. But there are other motives because there are globalist motives, as well,” Armstrong explained. He pointed out that this was especially noticeable when these families tried to impeach Donald Trump over a phone call with Ukraine. 

Armstrong then pulled out a clip from “The Wayne Allyn Root Show,” where the radio host accused people like John Kerry, the Clintons and the Bidens of getting rich on taxpayer dollars. “They use their office, to enrich themselves and their friends and the Ukraine war is an extension of that,” Root said.

Moreover, these are the same people who gave money to media companies to push the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

Biden’s connection with Ukraine more than just personal gain – it’s for his family, too

Biden’s demons extend to his son, Hunter, who has business dealings in Ukraine, Russia and China. Some of these included high-paid consultancies and gifts, as well as allegations that then-Vice President Biden had shaped the American foreign policy to benefit his son.

Later on, the younger Biden confirmed that he was under federal investigation over a tax matter in December 2020, just days after his father was elected president. He was not charged with any crime.

The larger question is whether Hunter Biden has financial ties to foreign figures and businesses while his father served as vice president to Barack Obama.

The younger Biden’s foreign ties are not limited to the gas company Burisma. He is a board member of BHR Partners, a private investment fund backed by Chinese state entities. He is also connected to a hedge fund, Paradigm, and a consultancy called Seneca Global Advisors. Lastly, he is involved in the fundraising firm Rosemont Seneca. 

Why are Hunter Biden’s dealings important? It’s because Republicans, including senior Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, called on the Department of Justice to evaluate whether or not Hunter or the president’s brother, James Biden, should have registered as foreign agents over their business arrangements with the Chinese government-backed energy company CEFC, among other things.

Watch the video below to know why the globalists are very interested in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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