Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ lawyer slammed actor Alec Baldwin for his “shameful” claim that the cinematographer’s widower Matt Hutchins “derailed” the completion of the film. Court documents say the actor wanted to “finish the $7 million budgeted movie to in part contribute to a settlement for the Hutchins family.”

“Alec Baldwin once again is trying to avoid liability and accountability for his reckless actions before and on Oct 21st that resulted in the death of Halyna Hutchins, as demonstrated by today’s arbitration demand for indemnification from the Rust production company,” attorney Brian Panish said, according to a report by Deadline.

Panish, who represents the late cinematographer’s estate, and filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin and other Rust crew members last month, went on to call the actor “shameful” for claiming that widower Matt Hutchins has “derailed the completion of Rust.”

“Baldwin’s disclosure of personal texts with Matt Hutchins is irrelevant to his demand for arbitration and fails to demonstrate anything other than Hutchins’ dignity in his engagement with Baldwin,” Panish said.

“It is shameful that Baldwin claims Hutchins’ actions in filing a wrongful death lawsuit derailed the completion of Rust,” the attorney added. “The only action that ended the film’s production was Baldwin’s killing of Halyna Hutchins.”

Randi McGinn, from left, Brian Panish and Jesse Creed, attorneys for the family of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, take part in a news conference alongside portraits of Hutchins and her family, Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Baldwin fatally shot Halyna Hutchins on October 21 while rehearsing on the set of Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The actor is now reportedly seeking to protect himself against the snowballing legal actions and any responsibility for killing the crew member, notes Deadline.

On Friday, Baldwin sought to invoke a provision in his contract that could protect him in all current and future lawsuits, and see his legal bills paid.

“As he had done throughout his career, Baldwin trusted the other professionals on the set to do their jobs,” Friday’s filing reads.

Moreover, the filing also reveals Baldwin’s attempt to to resume the filming of Rust, and finish the $7 million budgeted movie to, in part, contribute to a settlement for the Hutchins family.

Baldwin also reportedly claimed in his Friday filing that in early January — before the wrongful death suit was filed — he and Matt Hutchins spoke directly about a financial agreement for the family.

“During the first phone call, Hutchins told Baldwin that the proposed settlement sounded ‘interesting,'” Friday’s filing alleges. “He did not accept or reject the settlement, but told Baldwin that he would need to think it over after reviewing additional details.”

“On the second phone call, Baldwin recalls, Hutchins sounded less open-minded,” the filing added.

On Saturday, Baldwin claimed that the wrongful death lawsuit seeking to hold him accountable Hutchins’ death is him being targeted because he is wealthy.

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