The Republican Governors Association (RGA) announced a $31.4 million media ad buy in five key battleground states as the committee’s first TV campaign, leading up to what will become a brutal midterm election battle.

The RGA stated in a press release that the ads bought this early in key battleground states — Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin — will ensure that they get the “lowest possible rates in important media markets” since it is inevitable that competitive Senate and House races will buy the up the market as well. “The RGA will continue to monitor these states and additional states where strategic investments can help secure Republican victories this fall.”

RGA’s most significant initial TV investment was in Arizona with $10.2 million and is scheduled to run in the Phoenix and Tucson media markets from August 3 to November 8. The second-largest investment from the RGA is in Nevada with $8 million and is scheduled to run in the Las Vegas and Reno media markets from September 7 to November 8.

The RGA’s other battleground states spending money from their initial TV investment are Wisconsin, Michigan, and Kansas. The committee is spending $6.2 million in Wisconsin and scheduled to run in the Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison, La Crosse, and Wausau media markets from September 7 to November 8. In addition to $3.5 million, both Michigan, running in the Detroit and Grand Rapids media markets from October 12 to November 8, and Kansas running in the Kansas City and Wichita media markets from September 7 to November 8.

“Democrat governors are tied to Joe Biden’s plummeting approval and failing record, Republican governors continue to show the strength and resolve to address the biggest issues facing our country,” said RGA Executive Director Dave Rexrode. “The RGA is committed to investing in these states to ensure Americans know life is better when a Republican governor is in charge.

First-term Democrat governors are trying to defend their incumbency in four of the states — Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin — while Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey is termed out, and the GOP is hoping to hold the seat.

“Democrat governors have failed to adequately address the problems at the front of every voter’s mind: record high costs of goods, parents being shut out of their child’s education, skyrocketing crime, and multiple crises abroad and at the border,” Rexrode added. “We look forward to taking advantage of the numerous pick-up opportunities we have to add more Republican governors to our ranks.”

States with Republican governors and legislatures have overwhelmingly succeeded at leading their state’s economic recovery sooner than the majority of those governed by Democrats.

An analysis of unemployment data from the Department of Labor revealed that Republican-led states continuemonth after month, to outperform Democrat-led states in job recovery (16 of the top 20 states) and lowest unemployment numbers (16 of the top 20 states). In fact, seven of the eight states with the highest unemployment numbers in December — four of which are higher than six percent — are led by Democrat governors.

Additionally, a report from the RGA on Monday showed that nine of the top ten states with the most expensive cost of gas per gallon are led by Democrats, while nine of the top ten states with the lowest average cost of gas per gallon are led by Republicans.

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