Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) railed against him chief White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci for warning about a return of restrictions due to a new strain of COVID-19.

Paul said Fauci was “flat-out wrong” to push for more restrictions. He called Fauci a “menace” who “hasn’t been right really about anything since the start” of the coronavirus pandemic.

“[I]f you believe in Dr. Fauci, what you should do immediately is go get stickers and make sure they are on the floor, everywhere you go, and a yardstick so you know you are six feet away from people — and Plexiglas,” Paul suggested. “Carry Plexiglas around with you because Dr. Fauci thinks that Plexiglas somehow, you know, reflects the virus away from you. None of what he’s been for has worked. Not one thing he has advocated, other than the vaccine, and I’m not against the vaccine, but the interesting thing is this, and he won’t admit this to the public: If you take a sample of blood from 1,000 people anywhere in the United States and you measure to see if they have antibodies to the virus or antibodies to the vaccine, it’s over 95%. That’s why we are doing better with this. We have developed immunity, either from having the disease or from being vaccinated, and that’s why we are doing better, in addition to the fact that the virus has mutated to a less virulent or less deadly form, but he won’t admit it because he’s caught up in putting stickers on the floor, putting masks on your face, putting goggles on you.”

He added, “The guy is a menace, and he hasn’t been right really about anything since the start of this.”

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