Biden's CDC lifted major covid restrictions on Friday while Putin invaded Ukraine.

Real Americans suspected they were following political science in finally admitting masks and social distancing were voodoo medicine.

Now we have proof.

Impact Research, a Columbia, Maryland, political science laboratory, sent a memo to Democrats: "After two years that necessitated lockdowns, travel bans, school closures, mask mandates, and nearly a million deaths, nearly every American finally has the tools to protect themselves from this virus. It’s time for Democrats to take credit for ending the COVID crisis phase of the COVID war, point to important victories like vaccine distribution and providing economic stability to Americans, and fully enter the rebuilding phase that comes after any war."

Yes it was a war.

A war on freedom.

Getting past the memo's first paragraph of natural fertilizer, Impact Research said, "Most Americans have personally moved out of crisis mode. Twice as many voters are now more concerned about covid’s effect on the economy (49%) than about someone in their family or someone they know becoming infected with the coronavirus (24%). Two-thirds of parents and 80% of teachers say the pandemic caused learning loss, and voters are overwhelmingly more worried about learning loss than kids getting covid. Six in ten Americans describe themselves as worn out by the pandemic. The more we talk about the threat of covid and onerously restrict people’s lives because of it, the more we turn them against us and show them we’re out of touch with their daily realities."

Impact Research found what is obvious to anyone paying attention. The long-term political damage of covid falls on Democrats.

Parents and teachers overwhelmingly see the restrictions as harming children. Mama Bear is not happy and when Mama Bear isn't happy, no one is happy. 

People blame Democrats for the covid restrictions.

The memo ended, "Stop talking about restrictions and the unknown future ahead. If we focus on how bad things still are and how much worse they could get, we set Democrats up as failures unable to navigate us through this. When 99% of Americans can get vaccinated, we cause more harm than we prevent with voters by going into our third year talking about restrictions. And, if Democrats continue to hold a posture that prioritizes covid precautions over learning how to live in a world where covid exists, but does not dominate, they risk paying dearly for it in November."

Democrats are a year too late. They should have pushed the vaccine as the cure. In fact, last July, Biden seemed headed in that direction, but he backed off.

Omicron was viewed as evil, but as I said at the time, it could be the cure because people infected with it could build natural immunity to the stronger version of covid.

Democrats think lifting restrictions and changing subjects will end this. I doubt that. There are still the unsettled issues of the side effects of the vaccine. Rare, perhaps, but the sudden surge in heart attacks among healthy young people needs explanation. 

Also the impact on children will be scrutinized. 

Not mentioned in the memo was the unintended consequence of ending the Democrat Party's indoctrination of children through CRT. The days of teaching white children to hate themselves because of slavery are ending even in liberal havens such as Loudon County, Virginia.

Democrats made inroads among suburban moms in the past few years. Covid may have wiped that out.

Which is why Democrats want to change subjects, fast.

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