Republicans are leading Democrats on the top issues impacting American workers just seven months away from the midterm elections, a Wednesday Morning Consult/Politico poll found.

While polling shows the economy is the most important issue for Americans, Republicans are leading on the economy and the surrounding issues that impact the wellbeing of the American worker.

The poll asked voters which party is more trusted on the following issues heading into the midterm elections. In each category, Republicans were favored over Democrats:

  • The economy (48 – 35 percent)
  • Jobs (46 – 37 percent)
  • Immigration (45 – 38 percent)
  • Energy (42 – 39 percent)
  • National security (49 – 33 percent)
  • Rising cost of living (45 – 35 percent)
  • Gun policy (47 – 35 percent)

Overall, Republicans lead Democrats by one point on a generic ballot, a poll question that indicates which party a voter prefers if the election was held today. The result is inside the margin of error. The poll sampled 2005 voters between March 11-15 with a margin of error of 2 percent.

The Democrats have been stricken with many manufactured crises under President Joe Biden. In the last year, more than two million migrants have been apprehended at the southern border. Fentanyl has become the greatest killer among 18-45-year-olds. Inflation has soared to a 40-year high. Gas prices have increased to all-time record highs. Weekly wages have shrunk. Supply chain woes have persisted. And the deadly Afghan withdrawal deeply embarrassed the nation.

The result of the challenges has been devastating for Democrats. Thirty-one Democrats have decided to retire after their term in November, the largest mass exodus in three decades. The retirements will greatly favor Republicans due to the incumbent advantage.

Some of the districts that will likely fall to Republicans from Democrats’ grasp have not been finalized by state legislatures or courts. However, Punchbowl estimated ten districts would change from blue to red because of retirements alone.

Republicans must pick up at least three seats in the House to overcome the five-seat deficit. Republicans winning back the House would allow them to impeach Biden, investigate the origins of the coronavirus, fire Dr. Anthony Fauci, and investigate the invasion on the southern border and the deadly collapse of Afghanistan.

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