Thousands of truckers converged in Monrovia, Indiana, and held a rally against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandates on Tuesday, March 1, before heading to Washington, D.C. to continue their protest.

The People’s Convoy, inspired by Canada’s “Freedom Convoy,” set off from California on February 23 and continued through multiple states, including Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri before the trucks converged in Indiana. While it is difficult to quantify how many people are directly participating in the People’s Convoy, they are shown to have gathered a lot of support as thousands cheered them on along the roads and on overpasses en route.

Other vehicles and trucks have also joined the convoy along the way: some expected to arrive with the convoy in Washington, while others joined for some miles before dropping away. 

Hundreds to thousands more cars and trucks that are following or are ahead of the convoy showed their support by honking their horns.

There were about 80 trucks and 200 other vehicles when the convoy passed through Cuba, Missouri on February 28, but by March 1 and 2 in Indiana, where vehicles converged, the numbers swelled to more than 2,000 vehicles and another 100 trucks. It remains unclear how many will ultimately end up in the capital.

In attendance at the rally held at Ted Everett Farm Center on March 2 are Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita and Missouri Senatorial candidate Mark McCloskey.

“I’m very proud to be here amongst fellow Hoosiers and Americans who care about their country,” said Rokita. “I was humbled to offer them encouragement this evening but they gave me back much more inspiration and motivation.”

“The people of America have woken up. We’re going to stand up and we’re not going to permit it,” McCloskey said. “You look at this crowd, you look at the highways coming here, you look at the overpasses, and [you can say that] the socialists will never complete their takeover of the United States.”

Americans are waking up

The crowd in Missouri exceeded the capacity of their indoor venue, filling up the space inside, with hundreds more people gathered outside. “The American people are waking up and they’re marching east,” said Brian Brase, one of the organizers of the convoy.

“I’m begging that every truck driver around the world stand up now. Now is your time to stand up and send a message to your world leaders and your governments that they work for us,” Brase told the crowd.

“This is a government that has overstepped its bounds,” he went on. “These are health care agencies that have overstepped their bounds. It is time to restore freedom to this great land. There is no medical emergency anymore. If they tell you that, they are lying.”

The convoy began arriving at Hagerstown Speedway on Friday, where they will be staying for two nights, as per Brase, and will move forward to Washington on Sunday. There may be a rally Saturday night somewhere near the Beltway, with some lawmakers friendly to the cause expected to attend.

It remains unclear what the convoy’s actual plans and tactics are, as the organizers have been coy about what they will do. However, there had been reports that they plan to block the Beltway, while some said that the trucks will go to the White House.

Authorities have already reinstalled fencing around the U.S. Capitol and have called for “extra security” among law enforcement agencies in the area in anticipation of the arrival of the convoy.

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