Former Vice President Mike Pence insisted the United States should do more for Ukraine as it is in the throes of an invasion from Russia Wednesday during an interview with FNC’s “America’s Newsroom.”

Pence argued for a “21st century Berlin airlift” as a response to the humanitarian crisis spurred by the Russian invasion.

“I think the world’s been inspired by President Zelenskyy,” he said. “When I met him two years ago, we actually spent time together in Poland. We spoke after that. And I saw, at that time, his strength, his poise. But what the world has seen is a man standing courageously in the gap for his people. And I think the words that he expressed today to the United States of America can be summarized in simply a message that — that the people of Ukraine are suffering, and we need to do more.”

“And I believe that we will do more,” Pence continued. “I believe that it’s important that we heed his call for additional sanctions, that we economically isolate Putin. I mean, there is one person to blame for this invasion, it’s — it’s Vladimir Putin. And Putin must be — must pay for the violence that he is visiting upon the people of Ukraine. I think it’s time that we transferred the MiGs, that we gave them the antiaircraft systems.”

“And I also believe, Bill and Martha, I believe the time has come for a 21st century Berlin airlift,” he added. “When I was on the border of Ukraine just last week, I heard over and over again the practical needs that people are facing, food, water, medicine, and I think it’s time for the free world to step up and work together to make sure that the people of Ukraine have the wherewithal to defend themselves and also to take care of themselves and their families admits this violence. They’ve shown incredible courage. You saw President Zelenskyy demonstrate that courage in words today as well. And I think the time has come for us to do more to give them more of the ability to defend themselves and to give them the support that they need in this hour of need.

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