As thousands of Ukrainians flee to neighboring lands to escape the Russian invasion, news agencies around the globe are showing sympathy for the refugees who flee their homes.

Then there is the New York Times. The Gray Bag Lady stood ready and willing to cast shade on neighboring countries taking in people fleeing a war.

In a story by Lara James, NYT said, "Countries that have for years resisted taking in refugees from wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are now opening their doors to Ukrainians as Russian forces carry out a nationwide military assault. Perhaps 100,000 Ukrainians already have left their homes, according to United Nations estimates, and at least half of them have crowded onto trains, jammed highways or walked to get across their country’s borders in what officials warn could become the world’s next refugee crisis."

That Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are thousands of miles from Poland while Poland shares a border with Ukraine does not stop NYT from attacking the Poles for accepting Ukrainians escaping the bombing.

NYT quoted Serena Parekh, a professor at Northeastern University in Boston, who said, "It’s hard not to see that Ukrainians are white, mostly Christian and Europeans. And so in a sense, the xenophobia that’s really arisen in the last 10 years, particularly after 2015, is not at play in this crisis in the way that it has been for refugees coming from the Middle East and from Africa."

This is not the only NYT story labeling as racist white, mostly Christian Europeans taking in white, mostly Christian Europeans.

Andrew Higgins filed the NYT report, "At the Polish Border, Tens of Thousands of Ukrainian Refugees. They have been warmly welcomed in a country whose border guards last year beat back mostly Afghan and Middle Eastern migrants with batons."

The story said, "When migrants from the Middle East and Afghanistan tried to sneak across the border from Belarus last year, Polish security forces beat them back with batons. At least a dozen died in the forests that straddle the border.

"Refugees arriving from Ukraine, however, have been greeted with welcoming smiles, hot drinks and transport to the nearest railway station. Police officers handed out fruit, doughnuts and sandwiches to Ukrainians camped out in the waiting room."



The story said, "Unlike the migrants beaten back from the border by Polish guards last year, Ukrainians, who are mostly Christian and white, have a legal right to enter Poland and other European Union countries without visas. Nearly a million Ukrainians already live in Poland."


So the Ukrainians are in Poland legally, while the migrants were trying to get in illegally.

I like how NYT calls Ukrainians "mostly Christian and white" but does not mention the religion or race of the immigrants traveling thousands of miles to get to Poland.

That NYT would cast shade on Ukrainians attacked by Russia is no surprise. It's an NYT tradition.

Consider its defense of Walter Duranty's 1932 Pulitzer for denying Russia was starving Ukrainians.

NYT said 71 years later, "Describing the Communist plan to liquidate the 5 million kulaks, relatively well-off farmers opposed to the Soviet collectivization of agriculture, Duranty wrote in 1931, for example: 'Must all of them and their families be physically abolished? Of course not – they must be liquidated or melted in the hot fire of exile and labor into the proletarian mass.'

"Taking Soviet propaganda at face value this way was completely misleading, as talking with ordinary Russians might have revealed even at the time. Duranty’s prize-winning articles quoted not a single one – only Stalin, who forced farmers all over the Soviet Union into collective farms and sent those who resisted to concentration camps. Collectivization was the main cause of a famine that killed millions of people in Ukraine, the Soviet breadbasket, in 1932 and 1933 – two years after Duranty won his prize."

Rather than apologize for its misinformation and disinformation campaign, NYT is clinging to its Pulitzer.

The truth is a refugee that bloggers shelter from attacks by NYT.

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