Democrat extremism and the ongoing implosion of America’s government-run school system have given Republicans a seven-point advantage on who can better handle the issue of education.

Rasmussen asked 1,000 likely voters, “Who do you trust more to deal with education issues. Democrats or Republicans?” Only 36 percent said Democrats, while 43 percent said Republicans. Eighteen percent said the two parties are “about the same.”

What should worry Democrats most of all is that only 34 percent of women chose Democrats, while 42 percent chose the GOP. That’s an eight-point gap. A plurality of 45 percent of black voters chose Democrats, while a whopping 31 percent chose Republicans. Normally, those numbers would be something like 80 percent for Democrats and 11 percent for Republicans.

Even 12 percent of Democrats chose the GOP on education, as did a plurality of 42 percent of Independents. Only 25 percent of Independents chose Democrats.

Historically, education has been a top issue for Democrats, a winning issue, but the tables have turned since Democrats began to openly embrace the worst kind of corrupting and perverse extremism. Democrats backed closing government-run schools throughout much of the pandemic. Democrats favor the anti-science and cruel masking of kids. Democrats support teaching kids gay porn. Democrats support teaching white kids they are racist oppressors and black kids they have no chance of success in America.

Democrats want to sexualize and groom kids, teach them to fail, teach them to hate the greatest country in the history of the world, teach them everything but the basics required to make a living.

In this same poll, a massive majority of 84 percent said that in the upcoming congressional elections, education would be “very” (53 percent) or “somewhat” (31 percent) important. Only 13 percent said “not very” (12 percent) or “not at all” (1 percent) important.

When asked, “Is the quality of public schools in America getting better or worse?” A clear majority of 58 percent said “worse,” while only 13 percent said “better.”

The public schools have been infested with left-wing radicals and perverts.

By the way, this is not an outlier poll… Polling in November from the far-left Washington Post showed Democrats only up by three points over Republicans on education. Even with that three-point lead, the Post sounded the alarm for Democrats:

But it’s not the only area in which Democrats seem to be taking on some water; so, too, is education. The poll asked which party voters preferred on that issue, and while 44 percent chose Democrats, 41 percent chose Republicans.

That’s still a narrow edge for Democrats, albeit within the margin of error. What’s key here, though, is how this compares to how this issue polls historically.


Polling from the Pew Research Center in the middle of the 2010s — both at the tail end of the Obama administration and the start of the Trump administration — showed Democrats with a double-digit edge. In 2012, Democrats led by 26 points. In 2008, they led by 29 points.

The panicked Post goes on to note that in every single NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll since 1989, 24 polls in all, Democrats led by double digits on education in 19 out of 24 of those polls. In the remaining five, Democrats led by six points or more.

You can’t teach grade school kids gay sex and hold gay pride parades, and allow boys to use the girl’s bathroom… You just can’t in America. But that’s what Democrats are advocating, and I cannot wait until November.

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