Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia for the Obama administration Mike McFaul said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Fox News should “think about” why they support Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war effort in Ukraine.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “Ambassador McFaul, what will Putin do with last night’s segment on Tucker Carlson’s show?”

McFaul said, “Well, they loop it in on their propaganda stations, state-owned propaganda stations all the time. Tucker Carlson’s used all the time in that world.”

He added, “Tucker Carlson, give me a break. Trinity College is a really great college. He lives here. He has access to lots of information. He used to work at The Weekly Standard. I never met him there, but I know the people that founded that. Those are smart, interesting people, so there’s something very deliberative about what he is doing here.”

McFaul continued, “I want Fox to think about, from their corporate interests, why are they supporting Putin’s war effort? He has the right to have free speech. We all agree on that. But why amplify that speech if you think it is not in America’s interest? I want to know if it’s in their long-term corporate interest?”

He concluded, “When Fox will think about their repetitional interests in the, you know, in the capitalist world.”

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