Nancy Pelosi and other Munchkins in Congress unveiled a new American flag with the bottom rows of stripes replaced with Ukraine's colors. Unlike the real American flag, this one might get you kicked out of the NFL if you dare kneel.

Ukraine is the latest in the string of wars with the Seal of Approval from the New World Order that George H.W. Bush announced to Congress on September 11, 1991.

Exactly 10 years before some people did something.

What they did on 9/11 was enable the creation of another Cabinet bureaucracy with 240,000 people. We also got the Patriot Act and Big Brother-style see-something, say-something public service announcements.

The New World Order was created in the wake of the Kuwait War (commonly called the Gulf War). The New World Order gave us the Yugoslav wars in Slovenia (1991), Croatia (1991–1995), Bosnia (1992–1995) and Kosovo (1998–1999).

9/11 gave us our Afghanistan War (as opposed to the USSR's) and the second Iraq War. And there was the offing of Gadhafi, which ignited a civil war, created millions of refugees who overran Italy.

Syrian refugees overran France and Germany.

All in all, there sure has been a lot of history made since the End of History in 1992.

The big date in 2001 was not 9/11 but 12/11 when Bush 43 allowed Red China to enter the World Trade Organization. The result is Red China racked up trillions in trade surpluses that have funded its military and its expansion of influence worldwide. 

This latest war may bring an end to the New World Order and the globalism that it brought with it. To be sure, Ukraine is the doing of Vlad Putin and Vlad Putin alone. Ukraine is defending itself and apparently defending itself well.

But just like the supply chain backlog (which we haven't heard much about recently) and the unleashing of covid worldwide, Ukraine shows the downside of globalism because it comes with shortages, disease and now, war.

The Washington Post reported, "Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the financial reckoning imposed on Moscow in response are proof that the triumphant globalization campaign that began more than 30 years ago has reached a dead end.

"Fallout from the fighting in Ukraine will take a meaningful bite out of the global economic recovery this year, with the greatest impact in Europe, economists said. A spike in oil prices to more than $110 per barrel and renewed supply chain disruptions -- including fresh headaches for the auto industry -- also are likely to aggravate U.S. inflation, already at a 40-year high."

(The prices hiked to $130 a barrel within hours of this report.)

The story continued, "But the war's long-term consequences could be more profound. Even before Russian President Vladimir Putin sent tanks and missiles hurtling toward Ukraine, years of deteriorating U.S.-China relations and failed global trade talks had stalled the tighter integration of finance and trade flows that had been anticipated during globalization's heyday.

"What comes next is unlikely to mirror the Cold War's distinct blocs. Even as the global economic order fractures, no rival ideologies compete for supremacy. And China's harsh authoritarian turn under President Xi Jinping co-exists with extensive commercial ties to the United States, Europe and Japan. But governments, corporations and investors all are adjusting to a new reality."

Globalism -- which President Trump opposes -- has connected the world. All it takes now is one little conflict to send the world into gridlock.

DTN reported. "A global fertilizer market that has already seen many challenges in the past 18 months will see added pressure from the Russia-Ukraine military conflict, according to The Fertilizer Institute (TFI). However, the exact magnitude is unknown for now."

Globalism has put Vlad Putin in charge of our food.

DTN reported, "Russia is the second-largest producer of ammonia, urea and potash and the fifth-largest producer of processed phosphates. The country accounts for 23% of the global ammonia export market, 14% of urea, 21% for potash and 10% of the processed phosphates."

You can put up windmills and pretend you are going to replace oil. But when it comes to food, you need fertilizer to feed 7 billion people.

And not the kind of fertilizer our politicians spread. 

Our economy is at the mercy of autocrats. The flag Pelosi and the rest of Washington should wave is the white flag of surrender.

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