Maryland and Georgia on Friday temporarily halted their state gas taxes.


Maryland became the first state to suspend gas taxes, which saves residents 36.1 cents per gallon for gasoline and 36.85 cents per gallon for diesel when Larry Hogan signed legislation to halt the surcharge for 30 days.


Georgia also temporarily suspended its gas tax on Friday, with the pause effective until the end of May.


“In the coming days, the suspension of the 29.1 cent tax on motor fuel and 32.6 cent tax on diesel will make its way to the consumer,” Georgia Gov. Kemp (R), who is running for reelection this year, tweeted. “Though we can’t fix everything Washington has broken, we’re doing our part to lessen the impact on Georgians’ wallets.”


However, not all governors are in agreement over pausing the state gas taxes.


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signaled she is likely to veto legislation that would put 6-month pause on the state’s 27.2 cents per gallon gas tax, calling for a suspension of the federal gas tax instead.

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