White House press secretary Jen Psaki was bombarded with questions from reporters during a recent press briefing, nearly all of which called for the United States to basically wage World War III against Russia.

Instead of advocating for a more diplomatic route, members of the left-wing press grilled Psaki about why fake “president” Joe Biden is not sending more weapons to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials have made it so clear that what they believe they need the most is more war planes and fighter jets,” howled a masked Asian reporter to Psaki.

“So, why is the U.S. assessing something different? Why does the U.S. believe they know better what Ukraine needs than what Ukrainian officials are saying they need the most?”

A blonde female reporter then proceeded to badger Psaki about why the White House thinks it knows more than the Ukrainian regime as to what weapons and other military apparatus are needed to ward off Vladimir Putin’s troops.

“It sounds like we’re pretty dug in on our position when it comes to the no-fly zone, when it comes to the MiGs, despite this growing bipartisan call in Congress to shift a little bit,” the reporter harangued.

“To put it bluntly: Is Zelensky wasting his time tomorrow asking for these things?”

A pudgy, slightly effeminate male reporter then picked up the baton to rattle Psaki with another line of pro-war, pro-aggression questioning aimed at getting more weapons into the hands of Zelensky and his troops.

“President Zelensky will be speaking to Congress tomorrow. He’s been pushing for fighter jets, a no-fly zone. We expect to hear some of those same requests tomorrow as well. Has the administration’s thinking shifted on that at all?” the man asked, waving his hand around in the air.

A montage of the questioning put together by The Intercept can be viewed below:

Corporate media reporters suggest that a false flag attack against Poland could get the White House to send more weapons to Zelensky

The blonde female reporter then interjected with a question about Estonia, which is also calling for a no-fly zone.

“They’re a NATO member,” the reporter continued to whine. “They share a border with Russia. How do we view their calls for a no-fly zone?”

Yet another female reporter asked after that, concerning Zelensky’s address tomorrow, whether the White House plans to grant his expected request for “more assistance.”

“A lot of the U.S. positions on that haven’t changed, as you just said, when it comes to the no-fly zone,” this reporter continued. “But on the aircraft specifically, the Pentagon said last week that Secretary Austin said they do not support the transfer of additional fighter aircraft at this time.”

“Is that still the United States’ position?”

On and on and on and on the grilling went, with many of the same reporters, as well as others, hinting at a possible false flag attack on Poland, and what that might do to change the White House’s position.

Nearly everyone in the room claiming to be a reporter pushed and pushed and pushed the issue of sending arms and other military weaponry to Zelensky right away.

Why do these reporters want war with Russia this badly? Why are they banging the war drums continuously rather than seeking a more peaceful solution? Are they all connected to the arms industry and the military-industrial complex?

“The military-industrial complex took over the media back in the ’60s,” wrote someone in response to the video.

“All reporting is now propaganda.”

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