In front of the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse in downtown Portland, someone wrote the threatening message, "Kill Andy Ngo," in red paint on the Soldiers Monument. A blood-like streak accompanied the graffiti death threat.

The Spanish-American War memorial in Lownsdale Square was vandalized sometime on or around Feb. 22. In addition to the death threat against The Post Millennial's editor-at-large, "ACAB" and "Amir Locke" were written in the same paint on the other side of the memorial. Antifa symbols were also sprayed around the park.

Antifa's 'iron front' logo is written around the park where the death threat against Andy Ngo is

The federal courthouse in front of the monument is still fenced off after Antifa extremists tried to repeatedly burn down the building during violent Black Lives Matter riots in 2020.

"This isn't the first time they've made this threat, but as before, I won't stop reporting on them," Ngo, who is a frequent target of Antifa violence and death threats, tweeted about the death threat.

A self-identiying Antifa account on Twitter posted a photograph of the death threat along with the text, "Beautiful."

"Lets hope someone does," responded a person to the photo.

An anonymous Antifa account praises the murderous command
An anarchist Twitter account hopes someone follows the instruction to kill Ngo

The death threat graffiti follows a harassment campaign against Ngo by left-wing activists to get the journalist kicked off Twitter. Twitter users identifying as "antifascist" have circulated digital flyers calling Ngo a "stochastic terrorist" along with the hashtag "#DeplatformNgo."

Social media flyers aimed at smearing and deplatforming Ngo from Twitter

Almost 800 people have signed a petition to Twitter Safety, Twitter Support, and Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal to "Remove Andy Ngo from Twitter."

The petition falsely claims that Ngo posted the date, time, and place of an Antifa direct action in Portland before a mass shooting took place on Feb. 19 that left one of their members dead and three others injured. Benjamin Smith, a right-wing furry who lives next to the park where Antifa gathered, is accused of murder and attempted murder by prosecutors in Portland. He was critically injured by someone from the Antifa side who shot him with a rifle.

Portland Police have confirmed that critical evidence was removed from the scene and have pleaded for that evidence to be returned. Immediately after the mass shooting, Antifa accounts on Twitter called for witnesses to not cooperate with law enforcement and to destroy material related to the shooting.

One of the petition signers is an Antifa member who previously threatened to hurt Ngo. (Ngo reported the threats to Portland Police.) Isabel Rosa Araujo, formerly known as Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici, wrote on the petition: "As a doxing victim of Andy Ngo I want him gone from Twitter."

Violent Antifa member Isabel Rosa Araujo, formerly known as Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici, is one of the people campaigning for Ngo to be banned from Twitter

Ngo previously reported on the knife-brandishing transsexual Antifa militant, identifying Araujo as one of the masked Antifa militants involved in pepper spraying right-wing protesters at a small pro-police rally in Portland. Araujo was filmed using bear mace in that 2020 attack.

Araujo was once investigated by federal authorities after drawing a cartoon depicting GOP Sen. John McCain being shot in the head. She has a long history of far-left extremism, an Antifa tattoo on her chest, and has made numerous posts saying she is ready to kill people.

Antifa member Isabel Rosa Araujo wrote that she is "ready to take lives"

After an Antifa mob assaulted Ngo in May and chased him into Portland's downtown Nines hotel, she tweeted: "Would be a shame when I start personally actively looking for you again."

Another petition signer previously reported on by Ngo is Riley Isley Harris, formerly known as Timothy Michael Harris. "This guy shares info on people that are arrested participating in protest…" the trans arrestee wrote. "He's done this to me twice already and I feared for my safety."

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