Vice President Kamala Harris’ deputy press secretary–Sabrina Singh– is the latest senior aide to the vice president to depart her position.

CNN reports:

Singh becomes the latest high-profile departure from the vice president’s office, which suffered a turbulent first year due to missteps and messaging failures. She will join the Department of Defense. Ernesto Apreza, a senior adviser in the White House Office of Public Engagement, will become deputy press secretary and is expected to focus on engaging local and state press, as well as specific key coalition groups.

Singh (pictured, left) previously served as press secretary for Harris’ failed 2020 president campaign. She also advised the then-California senator’s Fearless for the People PAC.

The string of departures from Harris’ office began with Ashley Etienne, who left her post as communications director in December to pursue “other opportunities.” Shortly after that came the departure of Symone Sanders, former senior advisor and press secretary for Harris.

Jamal Simmons eventually replaced Etienne, while Sanders’ position is still vacant. Simmons told fellow staff members that the press secretary role is likely to be filled soon by a woman, according to an email viewed by CNN.

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