Convicted felon Jussie Smollett, who is currently serving a five-month prison term for falsely claiming to police that he was the victim of a hate crime hoax that he staged, had messages appear on his Instagram account on Saturday proclaiming his innocence and stating that he should be let out of prison even if people don’t think he’s innocent.

“Jussie is innocent,” a message posted on Smollett’s Instagram account stated. “And…you don’t have to believe in his innocence to believe he should be free. #FreeJussie”

Smollett’s account, which states that it is currently being run by his family, then posted the following message that they said came from a Chicago activist:

The Chicago Police Department wants you to believe that Jussie Smollett paid two big Black a** Nigerians $1750 each to play white and attack him in the freezing f***ing cold in front of the surveillance camera outside his residence.

They want you to believe that although Jussie is half Jewish and a brilliant actor, writer, producer and director who has been in the entertainment industry his entire f***ing life and has access to all type of white people that he was still dumb or ”arrogant” enough to choose to cast two f***ing bodybuilding a** Africans to play the white MAGA supporting assailants in his fake hate crime attack video that he wanted to go viral and bring him more attention and celebrity because being on Empire wasn’t doing enough for him, his ego and his career.

They want you to believe that the two Nigerian brothers heard this plan and were like ”yeah of course we believe our Black a**es can pass for white just by yelling out racist homophobic s**t and that we’ll get away with attacking one of the biggest television stars in the nation in front of the surveillance camera outside his home in the white bougie a** neighborhood he lives in and no one will ever suspect it was us. Yeah that makes perfect sense to us.”

They need you to believe that it didn’t matter that the Osundairo brothers were criminalized, intimidated and starved during interrogation for 47 f***ing hours before they signed their confessions agreeing to the police’s narrative of what happened to Jussie. They need you to forget that this is the false confession and wrongful conviction capital of America. They need you to forget how plea deals work and that people confess to s**t they didn’t do all the time under stress and duress. They need you to not think too long about the fact that one of the brothers was a convicted felon and when police raided their home they found guns and drugs but no one was charged with anything.

They’re relying on you to disregard the neighbor who reported a suspicious white man with a rope hanging from his coat outside Jussie’s home. They’re counting on you to not give too much weight to the testimony of the security guard who was working nearby and said he saw Jussie getting up from the ground and a white man in a ski mask running away from the scene of the attack right after it happened. They’re counting on you being dumb and gullible as hell and believing whatever bulls**t they tell you to believe. But I’m counting on you not to.

Jussie Smollett was attacked by white Trump supporters like he f***ing said he was then he was further victimized and framed by the Chicago Police Department. He is not safe inside Cook County Jail, and quite frankly no one is. #FreeJussie and #FreeThemAll[.]


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