During his podcast today Joe Rogan attacked the media and Joe Biden for their coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story which could have dramatically changed the outcome of the election had it been known to more of the public.

Former President Trump was right that the media is an enemy of the people and truth does not matter to them, only the narrative.

Here is the transcript of the exchange, these two, especially Rogan, say it best:

BAKER: “They love a good story.”

ROGAN: “They don’t just love a good story. They love a narrative. And they’re willing to ignore facts to push that narrative. That’s what scares me. What scares me is I mean, I think there are objective journalists that work for ‘The Washington Post’ and ‘The New York Times,’ and there’s real solid journalists out there. But I don’t necessarily know, if you’re getting all the information, I think — I think it’s safe to say that —“

BAKER: “You’re not sure?”

ROGAN: “— you’re not sure that some f*ckery is afoot. I mean, ‘The New York Times’ just now is admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop is real. And you know, we remember from the debates with Trump bringing it up to Biden, and Biden saying it’s bullshit and it’s a lie.”

BAKER: “Yeah.”

ROGAN: “A flat out lie. Everybody knew it was a lie. ‘The New York Post’ had that story that was banned from Twitter, which was just outright crazy, the one of the oldest newspapers in the country.”

BAKER: “Yeah, and I don’t think anybody’s going to go back and apologize to them.”

ROGAN: “No, no one’s apologizing.” [crosstalk]

BAKER: “But the interest — there’s a dynamic here. I mean, I love this topic, in a sense not not so much because of you know, whatever the f*ck Hunter was up to, but in part because now when you look at the — at the — the liberal Dems and the progressives it doesn’t matter to them. If you’ve read some of the narrative that is out there now, the social media in the past day or so, ever since ‘The New York Times’ came out with this, they’re just dismissive of it.”

ROGAN: “Yeah.”

BAKER: “And they don’t care or they’re — they’re willing to overlook it, which is the same thing they accuse the right of doing — both sides, we’ve talked about this before —“

ROGAN: “Yeah.”

BAKER: “— but both sides are just so f*cked up.”

ROGAN: “Both sides are so fucking crazy. They’re both so crazy.”

BAKER: “Yeah. It just — which doesn’t leave you with the question of where does — where do we go with that? But this — the Russia-Ukraine situation has created an interesting dynamic in D.C. where you’ve got sort of this weird bipartisan support for, you know, let’s give them, let’s give them the MiGs, you know, let’s —“

ROGAN: “Yeah.”

BAKER: “— let’s push back.”

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