The non-elected, criminally-installed “fake” president Joe Biden is now warning about food shortages coming to America. At a press conference held in Brussels yesterday, he answered questions from reporters about food security. One reporter asked, “Can you say whether there’s the conversation is a turn to the subject of food shortages and what the US will do to address wheat shortages in particular, as a result of this?”

Biden answered, “With regard to food shortages. Yes, we did talk about food shortages. And, and it’s gonna be real.”

He even went on to explain how he was working on efforts to worsen food shortages around the world, literally saying, “And we both talked about how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly, food shortages.” (emphasis added)

Being a mentally incompetent fake president, of course, he may have tripped over his words. In later answers, he contradicted this and seemed to indicate that he was working to reduce food shortages.

Astonishingly, he also admitted that Americans will have to pay the price for economic sanctions levied against Russia. He is clearly attempting to set the narrative that when food scarcity and starvation strike America, the White House and the compliant corporate media will, in unison, attempt to place blame Russia.

Here’s the video:

It doesn’t really matter what Joe Biden says, of course, since Biden is a cognitively impaired puppet controlled by Democrat operatives who tell him what reporters to call on and which cue cards to read. Their goal is the complete economic and cultural destruction of America. That was also Obama’s goal, of course, which is why fake president Biden is widely considered to be fulfilling “Obama’s third term.”

Biden’s puppet masters have realized they can’t hide the food inflation and scarcity forever, so they’re trying to reframe it

What you’re watching unfold here is the realization of Biden’s handlers that food inflation and scarcity will become shockingly obvious to everyone later in 2022. That’s because everyone buys food. According to official sources, food inflation in the last year (Feb 2021 – Jan 2022) was over 20%. By the time 2022 comes to an end, we anticipate another 20% – 30% price inflation just in 2022 alone. This means food prices will very nearly have doubled from early 2020 to late 2022.

What happens in 2023 is going to be even worse. That’s because clueless bureaucrats and politicians will attempt to print more money and hand out UBI (Universal Basic Idiocracy) debit cards to everyone in a whole new kind of “helicopter money” scenario. The politicians will claim they are “helping” people afford rising food prices caused by Russia. In reality, they are printing money to chase price inflation that was caused by printing money in the first place.

The vicious feedback loop of hyperinflation will be well under way as money printing keeps pushing up inflation while the world’s nations increasingly dump the dollar due to rapid devaluation. In the end, as I wrote yesterday, the dollar goes to zero value, and the American people who bet on the dollar (by holding it) will be left penniless, starving and angry.

This is one of the easiest predictions I’ve ever made: In 2022 – 2025, we are going to see:

  • Food riots in America
  • Mass looting of grocery retailers
  • Increased theft of food from individuals and businesses
  • Food RATIONING efforts by the government
  • Food price controls in certain cases, leading to worsening shortages

Those who don’t own food — and those whose assets are kept in dollars — are going to be utterly wiped out and very likely destroyed. Many will die from the resulting violence.

Those who own food, gold, silver, ammo and certain types of crypto will survive the collapse and resulting chaos

No one is condemned to being destroyed in all this, however, unless they are dumb enough to trust Joe Biden, the Federal Reserve and the treasonous, complicit media. Smart people are already dumping dollars and moving into gold, silver, ammo, storable food and certain types of crypto such as privacy coins (which are impossible for governments to track or seize).

Personally, I consider owning gold and silver to be absolutely essential for survival. Ammo, food, emergency first aid, heirloom garden seeds, emergency communications gear, diesel fuel and other similar items can always be used as barter for food. Those who fail to prepare will end up selling things like their homes, vehicles, land or even their own bodies once the starvation becomes sufficiently severe.

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