President Biden has spent 114 days at his home in Delaware and zero days inspecting the invasion at the southern border, according to the Republican National Committee.

When Biden does not spend his weekend on vacation in Delaware, he has enjoyed the presidential retreat at Camp David. This week, however, Biden traveled to inspect the Polish border with Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Yet Biden as president has never inspected our southern border, where illegal migrants are flooding into the nation.

Biden has been in office for more than a year.

Under Biden’s presidency, 1.7 million illegal immigrants were encountered in 2021 by border agents along the southwest border. And more than 2 million migrants have also been apprehended at the border.

Despite the invasion at the southern border, Biden traveled to Europe this week and spoke about the mounting energy crisis created in large part by his policies. In the U.S., the average price of gas ($4.24) has increased by about 70 cents since Russia invaded Ukraine. But gas prices had already risen by about $1.00 since Biden assumed office and waged war on American energy independence.

According to Yardeni Research, Biden’s war on American energy could annually cost households an additional $2,000. The research firm also reported Biden’s 40-year-high inflation will cost consumers an extra $1,000 at the grocery store. Biden’s policies will therefore likely cost American workers an extra $3,000 in 2022.

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