President Joe Biden has had 110 days with an approval index — the number of those who strongly approve minus those who strongly disapprove of his job performance — at or under -24, far surpassing former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, according to Rasmussen Reports.

On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 57 percent disapproved of Biden’s job performance, compared to 42 percent who approved, making his net approval -15. However, 45 percent “strongly” disapprove, compared to 21 percent who “strongly” approve, making his approval index -24. 

According to Rasmussen Reports, Biden has experienced 110 days of a Presidential Approval Index at or below -24. For comparison, Obama only saw 15 days with equally dismal figures, and Trump tallied 6.

In January, Biden surpassed former President Trump’s worst recorded approval index, dipping to -33.

Biden’s dismal ratings come as the country continues to deal with stunningly high gas prices, which keep climbing. Biden, however, has refused to take responsibility, instead blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I’m sick of this stuff… The American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money,” Biden said last week. “Simply. Not. True.”

“Democrats didn’t cause this problem. Vladimir Putin did,” he asserted.

Then, on Wednesday, Biden continued to deflect, placing blame on oil and gas companies.

Yet his refusal to take responsibility for bad policy has yet to help him in the polls; a Civiqs poll released Monday found just 37 percent approving of Biden.

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