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Jeff Zucker has finalized a settlement deal with WarnerMedia.


Details of the confidential package are obviously being kept close to the vest, but sources tell us Zucker made the decision several weeks ago to accept what had been put on the table by his old bosses at the time of his cable news exit. What we do know is that, if WarnerMedia keeps its side of the deal, in the next week to 10 days Zucker will receive a one-time payment of around $10 million.


We are told that Zucker, 1uiet publicly since his departure from CNN, sees this as a chance to move on and pursue the next chapter of his career. In terms of moving on, as a part of the agreement with WarnerMedia, the one-time NBCUniversal head honcho has waived any future right or intention to pursue litigation against his old corporate overlords.






Three short clips | Tucker on Zucker







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