During a Thursday interview on Newsmax TV’s “American Agenda,” Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) called for an investigation into ties between Russia and environmental groups.

Cramer asserted that the political left pushed for the Green New Deal, which he said Russia promoted, to open up “markets for Russia to sell its dirty energy while we are not in that market.” He called the effort “ridiculous” and argued it demanded “some sort of investigation.”

“The timing is interesting, although Russia’s involvement in spreading disinformation through the nongovernment organizations disguised as environmental groups in the United States is not a new story,” Cramer advised. “This is something that we’ve known for some time; in fact, in 2018, a House committee found evidence that this was happening. The Senate under Democratic control — leadership — admitted as much that Russia was spending money in the United States to push us toward the Green New Deal. And at the same time, that opens up markets for them to sell their dirtier fuel. So, that’s why I say what’s not benefiting, of course, is the environment because, frankly, opening up markets for Russia to sell its dirty energy while we are not in that market is like taking a bath in a pigpen. It’s ridiculous, but what’s worse, and what’s really not so ironic, quite honestly, is that both Russia and the political left in the United States get to promote what they love most, and that is a social-economic system.”

“The Green New Deal, let’s face it, has always been much more about a socialist economic agenda than it has been about the environment,” he continued. “So, you know, this has been Russian collusion with the political left in the United States for several years, quite honestly, and I think we are in light of this circumstance. It really does, I think, demand some sort of an investigation.”

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