On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Making Money with Charles Payne,” Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) stated that President Biden is doing the opposite of the speak softly and carry a big stick approach where he’s “doing the worst of both worlds, where he’s screaming at the Russians,” while not arming the Ukrainians properly and strengthening Putin at home by stating that Putin can’t stay in power.

Reschenthaler said, “[W]hat’s so bad about this…it’s actually strengthening Putin back home. Because he can turn around and use it as propaganda, saying the west is after me. They want regime change, and so forth. And it really shows Joe Biden’s weakness and his vacillation. Because it was the weakness and vacillation going back to the Obama administration, when they allowed Russia to take Crimea and to get aggressive going to Georgia. It’s that weakness and vacillation that led to the aggression we’re seeing now.”

He continued, “And instead of making sure — instead of being quiet about it, remember, Teddy Roosevelt, speak…softly and carry a big stick? Instead of doing that, Biden is doing the worst of both worlds, where he’s screaming at the Russians, yet, he’s doing nothing to get the MiG-29s from Poland into Ukraine, he’s not sending enough Javelin missiles, Stinger missiles. We’re not jamming the electronics of the Russian planes to, in essence, create a no-fly zone through electronic warfare. He’s doing none of that. Yet, he’s antagonizing the Russians.”

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