Friday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich decried how the Biden administration was handling the escalation of hostilities between Ukraine and Russia.

Gingrich told host Laura Ingraham the unfolding situation in Eastern Europe was now “worse than Afghanistan.”

“[T]he fact is, after watching the disaster in Afghanistan, I wasn’t convinced that it was possible for the American government to be even dumber, more destructive, and more dishonest,” he said. “This is now worse than Afghanistan. If you want to help people of Ukraine, get them weapons. Get them weapons tonight. Get them weapons through the CIA. Get them weapons through covert means. Get them weapons by contracting with private contractors. But what the Biden administration is doing is an absurdity. If they were going out of their way to weaken the United States, they could hardly do a better job.”

“Punish the American oil and gas industry, try to buy oil and gas from Russia and Iran, our mortal enemies at the present time, and at the same time, ask the Russians to take the lead in Vienna in cutting a deal with the Iranians,” Gingrich continued. If you were Putin and you are sitting there watching all this, and you know the Americans are trying — the American government wants to buy your oil, and you know that the $1 billion a day you’re making out of oil finances your entire worse, so who cares about sanctions, this whole thing is an absurdity. It is dishonest. It is intellectually corrupt. And frankly, it’s embarrassing to have the Defense Department that is incapable of getting aid to the people of Ukraine.

“With reasonable amounts of the equipment, and with things like targeting information, the Ukrainians could dramatically raise the cost on the Russians,” he added. “And you’re going to have to do that because, I will tell you flatly, the Russian doctrine is to win. They are going to escalate as much as they have to. They are going to do whatever they have to. If that means taking out a nuclear reactor, they’re going to take it out. If that means using barbaric weapons against innocent civilians, they’re going to use barbaric weapons. Just look at Chechnya and look at what Putin did there. Why would we think he’s going to back off unless he loses?”

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