Geraldo Rivera told his co-hosts Wednesday on FNC’s “The Five” that Russia had to get rid of Vladimir Putin, who he called a “baby killer.”

Rivera said, “Here is my problem with negotiations and this particular case. I’m all for negotiations, but here, however, you have a baby killer. I hate to use, and I mean sometimes I choose to be hyperbolic.”

He continued, “But this is true this man has targeted women and children.”

Rivera added, “Mother Russia now has cancer. The cancer is going to kill mother Russia unless mother Russia exercises this demon. There is no way, I believe, that this man can negotiate anything. There is no way that Russia can have him as its face going forward and try to integrate itself back in the world economy. How do you fly back to Moscow now? How do you fly back to Moscow knowing they unleashed hell on the most vulnerable population on earth? They committed atrocities. This is what they are doing there. They are in the business of destroying, utterly, a civilized industrialized nation. They have taken the 21st-century country there, and they are trying to send it back to the Stone Age. How do you negotiate with this person.”

When asked how the conflict will end, how does it ends, Rivera said, “When Russia gets exhausted by the heroes Ukrainians and those Russian soldiers start going home the same way they did in 1917 when they said, ‘Screw you, we are going home.'”

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