Investigative journalist, businessman and former White House economist and budget specialist James Simpson told InfoWars host Harrison Smith that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ultimate goal with his invasion of Ukraine may not be the supposed “denazification” of the country, but instead the reestablishment of the former Soviet Union.

“Putin is angry that the Soviet Union fell, and he’s jealous, and now he wants to reconstitute it,” said Simpson. “He’s not angry [at the West], he just knows what the agenda is.”

Simpson added that Putin is making his moves now to reestablish a communist superpower to take on the United States because America is currently at its weakest.

“And I’d say [we have the] most duplicitous – and even treasonous – president in our history,” he added. “And [Putin’s] saying there is no better time than right now to decide to, you know, reconstitute the Soviet Union.”

Simpson believes the modern Russian state is already the communist Soviet Union in all but name, with Putin as its supreme ruler. “The whole thing is a false flag operation,” he said. “These people haven’t changed their stripes.”

Ukraine bans left-wing parties in attempt to curtail communist influence

Simpson believes Putin’s war in Ukraine may be an attempt to expand the borders of Russia to encompass all of the countries formerly ruled by the Soviet Union.

To help Russia achieve this, it has spent the last few decades attempting to influence Ukrainian politics from the inside with the help of left-wing and pro-Russian political parties. Ukraine has caught on to these parties and has moved to limit their influence.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently banned 11 political parties, claiming that their extensive ties to Russia and their Russophilic tendencies constituted a significant threat to national security.

The ban was passed by Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council. Officially called a “suspension” from all political activity, the ban affected mostly small political parties. However, the ban also involved the Ukrainian parliament’s largest opposition party, the Opposition Platform – For Life, which has 44 seats in the 450-seat legislature.

The Opposition Platform is led by Ukrainian oligarch and Member of Parliament Viktor Medvedchuk, who has extensive ties with Russia and Putin himself. Party officials claim Zelenskyy “had no legal basis” for banning them.

“The activities of these politicians aimed at division or collusion will not succeed, but will receive a harsh response,” said Zelenskyy in a video address published on Sunday, March 20. “Therefore, the National Security and Defense Council decided, given the full-scale war unleashed by Russia, and the political ties that a number of political structures have with this state, to suspend any activity of a number of political parties for the period of martial law.”

Other parties banned include the Party of Shariy, Nashi (Ours), the Opposition Bloc – Party for Peace and Development, the Left Opposition, the Union of Left Forces, Derzhava (State), the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, the Socialist Party of Ukraine, the Socialists Party and the Volodymyr Saldo Bloc.

Of the above-mentioned parties, only the Opposition Bloc has any representation in the Ukrainian parliament, winning six seats in the 2019 election. Some of the other parties, like the Party of Shariy, have representation in regional legislatures or city councils.

Zelenskyy noted that the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice will take immediate action to enforce the ban. “Everyone must now take care of the interests of our state, the interests of Ukraine,” he said. “Because it’s for us. Because it is for the sake of life.”

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