During a Monday interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called for immediate assistance in their war with Russia.

Poroshenko, who has been in the streets defending his country from Russia’s invasion, asked for weaponry “this hour — not in one hour.”

“The only way how to stop the brutality in Ukraine is to stop Putin,” Poroshenko declared. “This is a crazy maniac who came here to kill Ukrainians just because he refused us the right to exist.”

“We have thousands of victim civilian population killed,” he added. “We have more than 100 children killed, innocent children, and Putin just thinks that he can keep the situation going on. He refused from negotiation. At the same time, more than 15,000, this is their general staff data, more than 15,000 Russian soldiers left forever in Ukraine. More than 2,000 Russian tanks and personnel carriers left forever in Ukraine, but Ukraine did a miracle. Ukrainian people demonstrated the miracle of unity. And Ukrainians surprised the world, and we fight here, not only for our soil but for the West. And my request, please help us to save you. This is very simple. And it is impossible to discuss days and weeks how to supply weapons in Ukraine. Soldiers need weapons now. This hour — not in one hour.”

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