There are different types of people who support the corrupt, warmongering and disgusting system that the nations in the West have, and they are collectively called “system pigs.”

According to American novelist and filmmaker Gonzalo Lira, people can recognize this system intuitively whether it is left, right or center because it is corrupt and self-serving.

“And it certainly does not have the best interests of the people at heart. On the contrary, it just wants to perpetuate itself. And it’s toying with the idea of nuclear war at this time. And so it pays for us to understand the system that we’ve got going in the West and the system pigs who are supporting it,” Lira said.

Lira said all the journalists in the mainstream media by definition are system pigs because “they are corrupt” and that “every single one of them is a nasty piece of work.”

He added that it is important to understand the clear reasons why journalists are the way that they are. The novelist-filmmaker stated that there is a reason why they lie constantly, why they are so destructive and why they constantly try to tear down other people.

Journalists lie, pull down others for a reason

“There are reasons for this behavior. And if you don’t understand the reasons, then for you it would look weird. It’s like why are all these journalists like this? Why do they lie all the time about everything? And why do they constantly try to pull down others?” asked Lira, who mentioned that a “system pig” has already contacted him and is now trying to pull him down.

Lira explained that journalists are acting the way they are because of money. He mentioned that before the internet and social media came, news organizations earned money by way of advertising and subscriptions.

And so news media like the New Yorker and CBS News were making money by paid advertisements. He added that the content was periodically interrupted by commercials on TV or cable and there were advertisements on the pages of magazines or newspapers.

Lira pointed out that the advent of social media for all intents and purposes stole the advertising revenue from news organizations.

“People would read these articles and copy the link to the article and post it on their social media feed. And so people would see the article. But the advertisement on that social media platform, well, that advertising revenue went to Facebook, went to Google. It didn’t go to the Washington Post, the New York Times or CBS News that had made that bit of content. That’s how social media companies cut out the advertisement revenue from the news organizations. And so they slowly started to go broke,” Lira explained.

He noted that local newspapers across the United States and Western Europe have practically vanished because they all started to go broke, and that only big newspapers, news magazines and television channels are reporting the news.

Even a big publication like the Washington Post got sold to Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon. Lira noted that Amazon is a very large corporation that does a lot of business with the government.

The novelist-filmmaker said Bezos has used the Washington Post as a megaphone for what the government wants to put out there into the public sphere and that it does not report on things that the influential people in government and politicians don’t want you to know about, such as Hunter Biden’s laptop. (Related: Tom Renz and Emerald Robinson talk about media corruption – Brighteon.TV.)

News organizations are being used for propaganda by government, oligarchs

Lira mentioned that news organizations and journalistic enterprises are now being used for propaganda by the government and other oligarchs like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. These people are using the press, the mainstream media and other news organizations for their propaganda and financial interest.

The filmmaker said a journalist who has a conscience and realizes the truth that they are no longer working for a news organization but for a propaganda outlet would quit.

Lira stressed that only the corrupt people stay in all these mainstream news outlets since the system is practically designed to advance the careers of people who are most corrupt, most unwilling to look at the truth, the ones most willing to hold the editorial line of the narrative and the most willing to become system pigs with their snouts in the trough of money.

Watch the video below to know why corrupt journalists are called “system pigs.”

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