After New York City Mayor Eric Adams turned to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot seeking ideas on how to tackle crime in the Big Apple, many took to Twitter to mock the move, highlighting the absurdity of looking to a city with a significantly high violent crime rate to learn how to fight it.

On Friday, Mayor Adams met with Mayor Lightfoot, both Democrats, for roughly 40 minutes to discuss solutions to gun violence and other crime which is surging in both New York City and Chicago.

“We’re going to learn from Chicago what they’re doing on their El [subway] line, so that we can see best practices,” Adams said, adding that the Chicago mayor “clearly understands it is the combination of prevention and the intervention” that is needed to stop crime.

He also said that New York City would “look to duplicate” a Chicago Police department policy recently announced which would allow some officers to avoid the minimum 60 college credit requirement.

“I know we are going to be great partners in the work we are all doing to make sure our residents can live safe and vibrant lives,” Lightfoot told reporters.  

Subsequently, many took to Twitter to ridicule the meeting.

“This is ridiculous!” wrote former NYPD Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik. “Adams demonstrates daily, that he learned nothing as a cop under @RudyGiuliani and I, that was responsible for the most substantial reduction in violent crime and murder in US history.”

“Chicago’s battle with violent crime is one of the worst in US history!” he added.

“This is not the way,” wrote NYC Councilwoman Vickie Paladino

“This can’t be a Babylon Bee story because they are blocked from Twitter,” wrote Heritage Foundation vice president for foreign and security policy James Jay Carafano.

“He wasn’t looking for what not to do,” wrote radio host Derek Hunter.

“Why not just move to Dallas and call it a day?” wrote Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson. “Nonstops available all day long into either of our city’s world class airports, @DallasLoveField and @DFWAirport and plenty of jobs!”

“This isn’t satire,” wrote Steve Guest, special advisor for communications for Sen. Ted Cruz. “Crime in NYC is up 45% compared to last year – in Chicago it’s up 34%”

“This is a joke, right?” asked conservative comedian, columnist, and talk show host, Tim Young.

“Hahahahahahhahahah NYC is about to become a way bigger crap hole then ever before,” wrote independent journalist Luke Rudkowski. 

“If you haven’t left yet what is keeping you in this failed state?” he added.

“Hilarious,” wrote attorney David Wohl.

“The blind leading the blind,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Good God the fool is beyond belief,” wrote another. “All these Democrats are living in a fantasy world.”

“New Yorkers, good luck! You are going to need it,” wrote yet another.

“This is what happens when you have democrats in office,” another wrote. “Dude asking the mayor of the only other city that has worse crime to ask how to curb crime.”

Several users used analogies to highlight the senselessness of the meeting.

“This is equivalent to someone asking OJ for advice on how to stop domestic violence in relationships,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Literally equivalent to asking Charlie Sheen for dating advice,” wrote another.

“Jesus christ. That’s like asking Motley Crue how to stay sober,” wrote yet another.

Since the year’s start, 451 shootings have been reported in New York City, up 86.6 percent from 2020.

In Chicago, overall crime is up 34 percent so far this year.

Both cities’ police departments have suffered a wave of retirements in recent years.

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