Drone Hits Fuel Train Deep Behind Russian Lines


Video shows a compilation of Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 drone strikes against Russian military targets, and among the clips is a strike against a fuel train behind Russian lines.


On Feb. 27, 2022, open source intelligence channels noticed a hot spot on satellite imagery indicating a train’s fuel cars had exploded or burned up on the Crimean peninsula, deep into Russian-held territory.


It’s not confirmed that this is the strike shown in the video.


Regardless of the exact location, this strike points to an obvious air defense capability gap within the Russian military. The fuel trains would be kept nowhere near the front line fighting, which means the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drone seems to fly unhindered behind Russian lines and is either undetectable or untrackable by Russian air defenses.


The drone is only able to carry four munitions at a time, and given the massive columns of Russian military vehicles moving into Ukraine, even continuous drone strikes may have limited effect on the invasion. However, this strike on a fuel train may not be an isolated incident and may also be one of the reasons Russian military vehicles have been recorded out of fuel all across Ukraine.

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