A severe case of road rage on I-95 in Camden County, Georgia, left a man unconscious, in a pool of blood on the side of the highway last Friday. The victim, Matt Oliver, was taken to the hospital where he now has severe head trauma. He currently can’t walk and will have to go through major physical therapy.


According to the police report, the suspect drove in the left lane at 80 mph. The victim brake-checked him, which led to a minor crash. Both vehicles pulled to the side of I-95 at mile marker 19.


Police said a fight broke out between both drivers, which left Oliver unconscious.


What happens next is disturbing.


Cell phone video shows the suspect, Barry Yerdon Jr., go back and stomp the victim’s head to the pavement.  Yurden faces aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges. Depending on Oliver’s recovery, the charge could be upgraded to attempted murder.


The man filming is Brandon Byfield. He was driving southbound on I-95 and pulled over when he realized something seemed off. “If I wasn’t there, he would probably kill him,” Byfield said.

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