If ever there was a great example of why fewer and fewer Americans have much faith left in our governing institutions, it’s this one.

Readers may recall that amid the incessant violence and rioting around the country following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, there was an incident involving a Trump supporter.

A security guard named Matthew Dolloff, who was unlicensed, shot and killed pro-Trump demonstrator Lee Keltner in October 2020, just weeks before the stolen November election, after Keltner pepper-sprayed him in what appeared to be a defensive move.

Well, thanks to Democrat Denver District Attorney Beth McCann, Dolloff won’t be charged and tried for murder, even though the entire incident was caught on video.

Here is a video of Keltner, whose craft was making cowboy hats:

Per the Denver Post: “Prosecutors plan to drop the murder charge filed against an unlicensed security guard who shot a man in 2020 following dueling rallies in downtown Denver because they don’t believe they can overcome the security guard’s claim that he acted in self-defense.

“Matthew Dolloff, 32, shot and killed Lee Keltner, 49, on Oct. 10, 2020, during a confrontation between the pair toward the end of two opposing political rallies in Denver’s Civic Center. One demonstration featured conservative “Patriot Rally” attendees. That group was met by left-leaning counter-protesters.”

Doug Richards, who is Dolloff’s attorney, said that prosecutors with the Denver District Attorney’s Office informed him last week that they will dismiss the second-degree murder charge at the pre-trial conference, currently scheduled for March 21. A trial by jury was set to begin April 12, the Post added.

“I’m just really happy for Matt and his family that the DA finally realized what we’d known all along,” Richards claimed.

The paper reported further that a spokeswoman for the DA’s office confirmed last week that prosecutors do indeed plan to dismiss the murder charge because they said they cannot prove that Dolloff did not act in self-defense. He was not charged with anything else in relation to the killing of Keltner.

Mind you, the man who simply took video of the McMichaels shooting of Ahmaud Arbery (also in self-defense) was recently sentenced to life in prison. But hey, the Denver Democrat DA won’t even let a jury decide Dolloff’s innocence or guilt.

Here is a short video of what happened between Dolloff and Keltner:

As you can see, Keltner smacked Dolloff first, but then Dolloff pulled out a handgun, which Keltner responded with pepper spray. Dolloff then fired single fatal round.

Since when does a slap on the face and being pepper-sprayed justify lethal force in response?

Rob O’Donnell, a former NYPD detective and senior contributor to Law Enforcement Today, noted: “So the Denver @9NEWS security shooter, Matthew Robert Dolloff, now arrested for murder has quite the Facebook post history. From F@ck the Police (FTP), to sharing Occupy Denver/Democrats, to his F@ck Trump. What I can’t find is any kind of security/police/military background.”

In short, this guy was a leftist wanting to take out a Trump-supporting political opponent and was looking for an excuse to do so. The fact that the Democrat DA in Denver won’t charge him for an obvious murder is disgraceful, but it shows just how far our societal collapse has progressed.

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