Democrats failed to include in a spending package green cards for tens of thousands of Afghans brought to the United States by President Joe Biden’s administration since mid-August 2021.

The spending package, released late on Tuesday evening, leaves out the Afghan Adjustment Act — a bill that taxpayer-funded refugee contractors and the mass migration lobby had been urging Democrats to pass in recent months.

The legislation would allow Biden’s Afghan arrivals, of which there are now more than 85,000 resettled across American communities, to secure green cards after having only lived in the U.S. for a year. While awaiting green cards, the Afghan applicants would be able to keep their work permits and be shielded from deportation.

Instead, the spending package includes funding for Biden to continue bringing Afghans to the U.S. on so-called “humanitarian parole” and Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs).

Already, Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate helped fund Biden’s massive Afghan resettlement operation despite warnings that vetting protocols were not adequate to guard against terrorism ties and national security concerns.

That resettlement failed to properly vet Afghans against counter-terrorism databases, the Department of Defense’s Inspector General revealed last month.

As of November 2021, the report states 50 Afghans already in the U.S. have been flagged for “significant security concerns.” Most of the unvetted Afghans flagged for possible terrorism ties have since disappeared in the U.S. In one instance, only three of 31 Afghans flagged months ago for security concerns could be located.

Despite the admission, Biden will continue resettling thousands more Afghans in American communities at least through August.

The nation’s Afghan population has exploded since former President George W. Bush started the Afghanistan War in 2001. The number of Afghans living in the U.S., for instance, has shot up to 133,000 in 2019 — more than three times the 44,000 Afghans who lived in the U.S. before the start of the war.

The data revealed also that most Afghan arrivals in the U.S. live on welfare.

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