A Dallas bar is offering a yellow and blue “F*** Putin Shot” to show support for Ukraine during the Russian invasion of the country, Fox 4 reported Sunday.

“It’s about small acts of solidarity,” Lee Daugherty, the owner of Alexandre’s in Oak Lawn, told Fox 4. “We need to come up with a yellow and blue shot, like, quick.”

“A shot isn’t going to stop this war and a bar in Oak Lawn isn’t going to stop this war,” he said, but he wanted to show solidarity with Ukrainians and show that people in north Texas support them, according to the outlet. 

After Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott asked Texas restaurants, package stores and retailers to remove Russian products from their stores, Emily Williams Knight, president and CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association, told Fox 4, “We immediately started getting calls from our members saying, ‘What can we do? How can we help?’”

“These restaurant owners want to do something,” Knight told Fox 4. “They feel very empowered.”

As an act of solidarity with Ukraine, Alexandre’s in Oak Lawn will no longer offer its one Russian-made liquor.

“You can’t pick up a rifle here and, you know, and fly to Ukraine,” Knight told Fox 4.

Russian troops began the invasion Thursday and have attacked the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

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