On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) discussed the Biden administration’s rejection of Poland’s plan to transfer MiGs to Ukraine and stated that the administration doesn’t think Ukraine can win and tried to push the blame onto Poland for not sending the MiGs and Poland called the administration’s bluff.

Cruz stated, “Zelensky said what they need more than anything is control of the air. The Russians right now have air dominance and they need fighter jets. Now, Poland has these MiGs. Poland was more than happy to offer these MiGs to the Ukrainians. And here’s where the Biden administration screwed it up: The Biden administration doesn’t want fighter jets to go to Ukraine. They don’t believe Ukraine can win and they’re resigned, they have a defeatist attitude. They believe Russia will win. And so, what the Biden administration was doing is they were saying, gosh, Poland is a sovereign country, it’s up to Poland whether or not they give these MiGs. And so, they were blaming Poland for not sending the MiGs. Poland, last night, called the Biden administration’s bluffs and said, here are the MiGs, give them to the Ukrainians, great with us. … But the Biden administration can’t decide if they think there’s a prayer Ukraine can win or not and so they’re dragging their feet on the jet aircraft that Ukraine desperately needs.”

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