A renowned COVID-19 vaccine researcher and whistleblower revealed in a column published late last week that big pharma giant Pfizer, maker of one of the novel coronavirus vaccines, offered him big money — $ 1 million and a $50,000-per-month stipend — to keep him quiet.

Dr. Paul Alexander, a COVID-19 Consultant Researcher in EBM, Research Methodology, and Clinical Epidemiology who has provided informal support to some members of Congress regarding the vaccine and the pandemic, noted on his Substack site that “Pfizer offered me $1 million & $50,000 month wage; was this to stop writing & hammering them?”

Yes, this happened. But I want no job from these people for what they did with the vaccine is horrendous. No doubt the inference is that I would not call out Bourla again,” he added, referencing Albert Bourla, Pfizer’s CEO.

“Of course, no one would put this in writing but of course, this ask about a job was to limit me. Of course, if I worked for Pfizer I would be muted complete [sic] from that moment on. Its [sic] how it works in any organization, you work for them, you advance their narrative and vision and mandate. Not yours. We all know this,” Alexander noted further, going on to sound a note of defiance.

“Bottom line is I am a contrarian, skeptic etc. and will continue to question all the wrongs done since the start of this pandemic,” he wrote. “Every single step by governments, their Task Forces, have failed. The vaccine has failed, its [sic] ineffective with negative efficacy, and its [sic] not properly safe. Its [sic] harmful. IMO, what we know indicates this vaccine must be stopped,” he said.

In December, Alexander, who is a fellow at the Brownstone Institute, noted that more than 400 studies have shown that lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, school closures, masks and mask mandates have all failed to mitigate the spread or reduce the deaths from COVID-19. He also noted that enduring lockdowns, business closures and remote learning have all harmed society immeasurably, especially the poorest and most vulnerable.

He added that while nearly all governments have implemented compulsory measures to control the spread of the virus, research showed that none of them can realistically claim they had a “discernable impact” on the trajectory of the virus.

In his Substack column, Alexander went on to say that Bourla, along with other notable figures including the country’s lead immunology, Dr. Anthony Fauci, should be allowed to explain and defend their stances, actions and decisions. However, “if we show in proper legal inquiring and public inquiries that their actions costed [sic] lives, that their decisions killed people, that people and children died as a result, then they must be held to account with jail time! Financial penalties and jail time,” he wrote.

“People must always have the right to explain and defend actions, but if we ever show these policies and decisions caused lives to be lost, then we impose harsh penalties. The harshest allowable by law,” he added.

Alexander said he and a core group of about 12-15 researchers and whistleblowers have been financially harmed by speaking out, “but the fight we are in is beyond money.”

“Those of us who have been canceled have been hurt, name wise, career, slandered etc. But for each person there is a time in life that we chose to stand up or not…we rise or shrink away, and most scientists, universities, doctors, public health officials, technocrats, governments, COVID Task Forces etc, chose to sell the people out for money, their grants, their salary was more important, so their silence was bought,” he said.

Alexander went on to claim that Pfizer behaved in a “criminal” manner because the pharma giant allegedly “knew there were 1,223 deaths and that they and FDA hid from the public” related to the company’s vaccine.

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