Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Tuesday claimed the Ukrainian war is a “holocaust,” which necessitates at least $12 billion of American taxpayer relief money to remedy.

“I’m really pleased we are including a robust aid package that will help the people of Ukraine. There is a large chunk of it [that] is humanitarian relief,” Schumer told reporters about the massive omnibus package establishment Republicans and Democrats are attempting to pass in short order.

“The Ukrainians lack food they lack clothing,” Schumer continued. “They lack shelter, electricity, medicines. We must get them these things.”

“There is a holocaust going on,” Schumer claimed.

“When you see people lined up on busses to just leave a conflict zone and Putin’s artillery just shells those buses that is just below humanity – below dignity,” Schumer said without supplying evidence of such a war crime.

About two million refugees have left Ukraine since the war began, the United Nations estimated.

The U.N also reported on Tuesday that Ukrainian officials have confirmed an evacuation corridor out of Sumy, an embattled Ukrainian city, has been opened. Russia has also reportedly permitted evacuation routes in a total of five Ukrainian cities, per the U.N.

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