The CBS action drama The Equalizer pushed a heavily left-wing — and false — narrative in Sunday’s episode calling the NYPD racist and portraying white people as those responsible for anti-Asian hate crimes in the Big Apple.

In Sunday’s episode,”Chinatown,” hero Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) sets out to put an end to a crew of racist white people who are going around attacking Asians in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood.

McCall hops on the trail of these thugs after a neighborhood grannie named Mrs. Li (Jo Yang) is killed when her Chinatown bakery is burned down around her.

Our action hero then joins forces with ex-New York Police officer Ray Lai (Perry Yung) who tells McCall that he left the force because he was tired of seeing cases involving Asians “t-boned by a racist system.”

In another scene, Lai tells Detective Marcus Dante (Troy Kittles) that when he was an officer, it was harder for Asian cops to “protect and serve.” Lai added, “Not a lot of fine print when it came to people who looked like us.”

Naturally, Det. Dante — who is black — just had to agree, saying, “Some things haven’t changed.”

Watch below: 

Guest star Perry Yung even pushed the false narrative in an interview with AsAm News, saying that the episode is a wonderful attack on “the system,” and an exploration of America’s racist “us versus them” mentality.

AsAm News crows that the episode was “Hitting close to reality.” Unfortunately, there is not much “real” about the episode. After all, pinning anti-Asian hate crimes on evil whites is far short of “reality” since the majority of anti-Asian attacks in America are perpetrated by black men, according to U.S. Department of Justice data.

More to the point, as crime researcher Heather MacDonald noted, most anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City are black on Asian crimes. “A black New Yorker is over six times as likely to commit a hate crime against an Asian as a white New Yorker, according to New York Police Department data,” Mac Donald wrote last year.

“In 2020, blacks made up 50 percent of all suspects in anti-Asian attacks in New York City, even though blacks are 24 percent of the city’s population,” Mac Donald added. And whites? They made up a mere ten percent of all suspects in Anti-Asian attacks.

Yet The Equalizer is laying anti-Asian hate crimes at the feet of evil white people. It’s not a very “ripped from the headlines” approach for this “close to reality” episode. But it is another example of the lies pushed by woke Hollywood.

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