Atty. Thomas Renz has an unsolicited advice for President Joe Biden: Take care of your house first before taking care of someone else’s.

The “Lawfare with Tom Renz” aired his concern over the special attention Biden is giving to Ukraine following an invasion by neighboring Russia during the March 15 edition of the show on Brighteon.TV. Given a more favorable atmosphere, Renz wouldn’t have minded the military aid extended to Ukraine by the U.S., especially if it’s really for humanitarian purposes.

However, the country’s current financial, economic and health situations dictate prudent government action.

“If we were in a position where our nation is strong, and on its feet, then I’m all in trying to help other nations. But right now we’re, facing a disaster. Our financial situation is a disaster,” said Renz. ” It’s just in California, $6 plus for gas, I mean, that’s unbelievable.” 

And the fuel prices are projected to get higher if the Ukraine conflict isn’t resolved soon.

Renz suspects the Biden regime wants to punish the people for widely using fossil fuel instead of tapping renewable energy, like from the wind and sun.

Inflation, which hit a 40-year-high of 7.9 percent in February, could hit as high as 10 percent, according to financial analysts.

The national debt has soared to an all-time high of $30.29 trillion. In contrast, China’s foreign exchange reserves climbed to a six-year-high of $3.25 trillion in January. The once-mighty dollar is collapsing and is in danger of being supplanted by the Chinese yuan as the global reserve currency.

While the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases are dropping, the figures remain alarming with 36,132 cases and 1,045 deaths posted on March 18. Overall, total cases in the U.S. have reached over 81 million (81,388,590) with nearly a million (997, 136) deaths as of March 19.

These are compiled figures supporting Renz’s assessment of the financial health of the United States.

“Our country is just in a disaster situation. So we need to fix what we’re doing here. And then we can worry about there,” said Renz, noting that he sees no reason for American soldiers to be sent to Ukraine. And because he regards Biden as “a chronic liar,” Renz doubts the true motive behind the “big spiel for Ukraine.”

COVID stories got buried in mainstream media by war in Ukraine

“Now, I think that it’s very clear that part of the motive is to distract from the fact that the COVID narrative is broken down entirely,” said Renz, citing that the Russian invasion happened near the release of the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database data showing atrocious spikes in numerous cases of serious medical concerns and the Pfizer documents showing over a thousand adverse effects of the vaccines.

Suddenly, because of the Ukraine conflict, COVID stories got buried in the mainstream media.

But not for Renz, who promised to file lawsuits against those accountable for the damages, injuries and penalties people suffered and endured because of the mandates. Renz has recently presented evidence to Congress detailing why COVID is the greatest fraud in history.

Other than these reasons, Renz can’t comprehend the preferential treatment accorded to Ukraine, instead of paying more attention to Taiwan, which is also under threat from Mainland China

According to Renz, Ukraine is “considered one of the most corrupt places on the planet.” It is regarded as a money-laundering haven for the Western elites apart from having an established neo-Nazi presence. Only now that the presence of U.S. biolabs has been established by government officials and the U.S. Embassy website did Renz see the connection and intention: to hide the truth and make Russia appear the liar and provocateur.

Biden, unmindful of the cracks on the wall of his home, seemed intent on helping Ukraine all the way even with the risk of provoking Russia into a full-scale battle — a war the U.S. can ill afford now.

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