Hate crush on Tucker…


Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ditched the commoners in coach and cozied up to elites in first class on an American Airlines flight, avoiding the left wing altogether for a spacious seat closer to the cockpit after a weekend of stumping for comrades in the Lone Star state, an eyewitness told The Post.


The congresswoman was identified by a stunned tipster who flew aboard flight AA1405 on a Boeing 737-800 from Austin to John F. Kennedy International Airport last Sunday and managed to snap a photo of AOC from her seat two rows down.


“I don’t sense anyone in first class knew she was there or someone of her celebrity was there,” said the tipster. “She was also pretty incognito,” wearing a large mask which covered half her face.


A one way first-class flight on American Airlines from Austin to New York City on Sunday runs between $400 and $600. Economy flights are $300 to $400 dollars less.





Sandy wants to dance away the Capitalism…



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