The  House of Delegates has passed a bill that would end mask mandates in schools across Virginia. The Senate passed the bill last week. It now heads to Glenn Youngkin’s desk.


“We’re going to go to work immediately to attach an emergency clause so we can get this back to you so we can put this in place,” Youngkin told House Speaker Todd Gilbert, who took the unusual step of hand-carrying the bill to the governor shortly after it passed the House.


Gilbert had promised to make the personal delivery to underscore the political significance of the measure. Youngkin, who made the issue a centerpiece of his campaign for office, sought to give parents leeway to break school mask mandates with an executive order he signed hours after being inaugurated.


That action was challenged in court, and a judge in Arlington blocked the order in seven Virginia school districts. The Supreme Court of Virginia rejected a separate suit from parents in Chesapeake on technical grounds.







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