Political activist Lauren Witzke slammed the globalists for using Greta Thunberg in their push to inject more people around the world with the experimental Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

“I feel for her. I have like a lot of compassion for her because I know she’s been diagnosed with autism. They put a script in front of her and say, ‘Hey, read this,’ and they’re just using her as a propaganda piece. So I have a lot of compassion for Greta Thunberg,” Witzke said during her appearance as guest for “The American Journal” on InfoWars.

“However, the people that are handling her, putting her in these positions and having her read these scripts are vile and evil, and they’re willing to use a young girl with autism to push their agenda, and that is what they are doing.”

In a short video clip, Thunberg called on the international community, governments and vaccine developers to step up their game and address the “tragedy that is vaccine inequity.” 

Thunberg, who was obviously reading from a script, said: “Vaccines were developed in record time. But so far on average, one in four people in high income countries have received a coronavirus vaccine, compared with just one in over 500 in low and middle income countries.”

The 19-year-old Swedish environmental activist is known for challenging world leaders to take immediate action for climate change mitigation, which is another issue associated with the globalists.

Witzke was also appalled by the level of arrogance shown by the globalists in the way they operate.

“They have no problem letting you know what they’re about to do before they do it. They’re so prideful, and they’re arrogant, and they like to give you the hint,” Witzke said.

Witzke noticed that arrogance in the Thunberg video.

“Today, up to 75 percent of all emerging diseases come from animals. And as we are cutting down forests and destroying habitats, we are creating the ideal conditions for diseases to spill over from one animal to another – and then to us. And we can no longer separate the health crisis from the ecological crisis. It’s all interlinked in many ways,” Thunberg said.

“She’s talking about the animals again, talking about these cross species, viruses and illness,” Witzke noted.

Globalists to orchestrate climate change lockdowns disguised as medical emergency

It may not be long before the globalists orchestrate climate change lockdowns under the guise of medical emergency.

“Hey, this is coming next. Hey, childhood heart attack – that’s coming next. But also they downplay you at the same time and say things like, ‘Oh, it’s going to be because of climate change or because you’re on your cell phone too much,’ or whatever excuse they make up. But they always let you know what’s coming next because they’re that arrogant and that vile and that evil,” said Witzke.

But Witzke pointed out that Republican leaders are partly to blame as they paved the way for the globalists.

“We have to remember that it wasn’t China or Russia that locked down our businesses, that locked down our country. It was Republican governors who participated in this,” Witzke said.

“They enabled the Luciferian regime as they push the experimental vaccine on the general population, on their constituents. And they did nothing. They did absolutely nothing to stand in the gap between the American people and the Luciferian globalist regime that’s trying to take over the country and depopulate and exterminate us – especially White people.”

Witzke noted that White people are now getting denied COVID treatment. “They’re now denying treatment to White people – early treatments. That has started and it’s absolutely evil.”

LifeSiteNews reported last month about a leaked document from New York’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) showing that state authorities are prioritizing non-White people for critical COVID-19 treatments that are in short supply.

The document released by the department shows that eligibility for these treatments, including monoclonal antibody therapy and the administering of antiviral drugs like molnupiravir, requires candidates to have “a medical condition or other factors that increase their risk for severe illness.”

A bullet point below this criterion indicates that people who are non-White or are of Hispanic or Latino heritage should be considered as having a risk factor for severe illness, and therefore meets the DHMH’s standards to be prioritized for treatment.

“Non-White race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity should be considered a risk factor, as longstanding systemic health and social inequities have contributed to an increased risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19,” the DHMH’s document stated.

Utah is also prioritizing non-White people when it comes to accessing treatment for COVID-19. Some health systems in Texas are doing the same thing by sending non-White people to the front of the line.

In Minnesota, the state’s Department of Health issued a guide sheet containing “suggested” eligibility requirements for those seeking monoclonal antibody treatments. Included in the guide sheet is a section pertaining to race, which basically says that every other race of people except for White people should be granted automatic eligibility for these treatments.

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